You can now get tomato ketchup-flavoured chocolate truffles for Valentine's day

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Nothing says “romance” like chocolate. Between sensual Galaxy commercials and heart-melting Johnny Depp performances, the substance has found a storied place in sexy food folklore. It is the ultimate edible daddy. 

Ketchup, on the other hand, is the young buck to chocolate’s silver fox. While there’s something timeless, tender and suggestive about a melting chocolate bar, a bottle of bright red sauce is about as subtle as an Aerosmith ballad played at full blast. If it’s in your food, you’re going to notice.

What better way, then, to celebrate the most romantic day of the year than by combining ketchup’s in-your-face bravado with chocolate’s alluring sophistication?

This year, legendary sauce-makers Heinz have teamed up the chocolate experts at famed British department store Fortnum and Mason to turn everyone into a Condiment Casanova. For the first time ever, budding lovers can get their hands on Heinz tomato ketchup-flavoured chocolate truffles, answering the age-old question of what happens when your sauce sachets accidentally spill over your Dairy Milk. 

Watch this video to discover how the truffles are made:

According to a press release provided by the brands, the collaboration is just the latest chapter in a well-established relationship. As Alexandra Bayet, Sauces Marketing Manager at Heinz explains:

“The Heinz and Fortnum & Mason relationship goes way back; they were our first UK stockist back in 1886, together we celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with special edition Heinz Beanz in 2012, and last year Fortnum and Mason helped us celebrate our big 150th birthday with the launch of Ketchup Caviar.”

Credit: Heinz/Fortnum and Masons

“And they also happen to be some of the best master chocolatiers around. So, it only makes sense that we celebrate the most romantic day of the year together with one of the most prestigious Valentine’s Day pairings.”

“Ketchup and chocolate are two of the nation’s most loved foods, and we felt that it was only right that on the international day of love we combine these two ingredients, resulting in mouth-watering truffles that are set to delight ketchup and chocolate lovers across the country.”

Discussing the thought process behind the promotion, Sophie Young, Confectionery Buyer at Fortnum & Mason, said:

“During the recipe development process, our chocolatiers considered the flavour profiles of both cocoa and the much-loved Heinz Tomato Ketchup, playing tasting elements off each other to balance both creaminess and tanginess. They have developed something truly and unexpectedly delicious, showcasing Fortnum’s ability to create unique and exciting pairings that will capture the attention of ketchup enthusiasts and satisfy even the most sophisticated of palates.” 

The boxes will be available from Fortnum and Mason’s stores at the Piccadilly, St. Pancras, The Royal Exchange and Heathrow Terminal 5 for £19.95 from the 30th of January. It might not be traditional, but what better excuse to shake things up in the run-in to February 14th?