You can now get instant noodle flavoured ice cream

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Anyone who’s spent any time perusing convenience store shelves knows that there’s almost no limit to the number of odd noodles you can eat. Alongside staples like chicken, pork and beef, noodle-lovers can also enjoy more unorthodox options like bacon or pizza. However, while weird noodles are nothing new, actual noodle-flavoured things are few and far between. 

If you’re looking to recreate the taste of instant ramen, without actually eating any instant ramen, an Indonesian ice cream store’s invention might be just up your street. Created by popular Jakarta-based dairy experts Holi Ice Cream, Indomie Goreng-flavoured ice cream pots perfectly recreate the flavour of Indonesia’s signature noodle dish, in a smooth and creamy imitation.

Designed to recreate the signature sweet and salty flavour of traditional Indomie Goreng, Holi’s outside the box flavour really goes the extra mile. Every ice cream pot even comes with a light dusting of fried onions, proving that it really is a far cry from vanilla. 

Ice cream shop launches pickle flavour gelato:

In an interview with Kompas, ice cream creatives Evelyn and Stephen revealed that their latest flavour came about thanks to a shared love of unwinding with noodles. As Evelyn explained: 

"Usually after being tired of work, my partner (Stephen) really likes cooking Indomie. Then we are the type of people who need dessert when they finish eating.

“So we always eat homemade ice cream. At that time, after eating Indomie Goreng, we ate ice cream. Then we thought it would be fun to make Fried Indomie ice cream.”

Although the noodle flavour is certainly eye-catching, it’s far from the only unusual ingredient that has ended up in a Holi ice cream. Other options for the adventurous ice cream lover include “Red Wine” and “Cornflakes”, proving that there really are very few things that can’t be turned into a dessert.