You can now get make-your-own bacon naan kits from one of Britain's best Indian restaurants

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It’s easy to be boring with breakfast. If you’re in a rush, half asleep, or in the snoozy no man’s land somewhere between the two, settling for a sugary bowl or hastily buttered piece of toast can seem like the sensible option. Unfortunately, this means that too many of us are missing out. 

Before lockdown ruined the restaurant industry as we know it, efficient British breakfasters actually had a range of interesting early morning options. From the much-loved McDonald’s McMuffin to a pastry from Pret a Manger, we weren’t all consigned to unending servings of Coco Pops and Crunchy Nut. However, of all the interesting treats available before lunch, Dishoom’s bacon naan was the absolute king. 

Ever since it opened in 2010, Dishoom’s unique blend of Indian-influenced small plates and bustling cafe culture has made it a Mecca for hungry British foodies looking for the next level of high street dining. Ask any regular about the restaurant’s black daal, and prepare for an onslaught of gushing reverence usually reserved for a religious experience. 

News that Dishoom’s kitchens had been forced to close due to coronavirus concerns really brought home the reality that no restaurant group, no matter how popular, was going to be left untouched by the crisis. But, much to the relief of anyone who wants desperately to return to normal, the group has announced a plan to get bacon naan back on the menu, in the form of a special DIY kit. 

Try our Giant Butter Chicken Stuffed Naan recipe:

According to the official description of the kit on the Dishoom website:

“Our kit contains freshest ingredients, dishoomed straight from the café kitchens to your door, including:– smoked streaky bacon from Ramsay of Carluke (matured in the traditional Ayrshire way and smoked over applewood and beechwood chips), three naan doughballs (enough for two plus a spare for experimentation), tomato-chilli jam (our sweet, sharp, spicy signature sauce), fresh coriander and cream cheese. 

“Handy cooking instructions are also supplied, as well as a most helpful video for first-timers, provided below. Each kit also contains loose leaf Darjeeling tea, chai spices and fresh ginger slices for brewing Chef Naved's much-loved Masala Chai. Breakfast and Chai for 2, for £16. Too good.”

The kits themselves will be available through the Dishoom website from 3 PM every day to customers close to the King’s Cross, Kensington and Shoreditch branches. Beyond delivering the bacony deliciousness, Dishoom has also pledged to provide a free meal to the Magic Breakfast initiative for school children for every kit sold. Now there’s no excuse not to get your bac-on.