You can now get Marmite-flavoured hummus

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Depending on who you ask, adding Marmite to something either makes it amazing or awful. Even diehard Marmite lovers can’t deny that the beefy brown gloop has an overpowering and distinctive taste. Wherever it goes, it’s going to dominate. 

That said, there are a few Marmite combos that work wonders. Adding a spoonful to a spag bol, for instance, is like giving the sauce a testosterone injection. At least one cook swears that the key to perfect roast potatoes is a smidge of the stuff. Given this, it shouldn’t really shock us that creative cooks are determined to experiment with Marmite, just to see what else might work. 

The most recent of these tastes tests comes courtesy of British supermarket chain Tesco. Following in the footsteps of Marmite’s condiment-based roots, the company has decided to combine the spread with chickpeas, creating all-new “Marmite Houmous”. To say it’s divided the crowd would be an understatement. 

Available for just £1.50, according to the Tesco website, the dip features a blend of “Cooked chickpeas.., tahini sesame seed paste, lemon juice from concentrate and garlic purée,” plus, of course, a liberal helping of Marmite.  

Although there have been no official reviews posted to Tesco, the internet has been quick to have its say. One enthusiastic Marmite fan declared, “I wouldn't say I'm easily pleased, but #2020 has just got a whole lot better…” while another added, “Marmite Houmous... Best thing I've tasted all day. Houmous just became palatable.”

It wasn’t all good news, however. Another Twitterer wrote, “Marmite houmous?  Not for me, thanks. As much as like Marmite, that combo makes me feel ?.” A second agreed, writing, “This is taking things too far.” It just goes to show that, where Marmite is concerned, there are always going to be divisions.