You can now get mocha-flavoured "Maltesers"

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Like Ant and Dec, Rick and Morty or Netflix and chilling, chocolate and coffee is a match made in heaven. Bittersweetness might sound like a bad thing, but this combo proves precisely the opposite. Sometimes, ingredients need a nemesis to bring the best out of each other. 

Unsurprisingly, there are hundreds of tasty treats that use the chocolate/coffee combo to their advantage. But, even in an overly saturated, caffeine-heavy market, some snacks are worth getting more excited over than others. Mocha-flavoured Maltesers definitely fall into this category. 

Sold by British souvenir specialists GB Gifts, the 140g packs are currently available as an import from Australia for £5.99. That might seem exorbitant for what could turn out to be a slightly acrid malt ball, but no one could accuse GB Gifts of lacking the courage of their convictions. According to the website:

“Combining everything you love about coffee and chocolate, the new Maltesers feature that same crispy malt centre you know and love, except this time it’s covered with smooth coffee-flavoured milk chocolate instead of normal chocolate.”

At the time of writing, GB Gifts currently has 30 of the packets in stock. 

Maltesers mocha Credit: GB Gifts

Despite the hefty price tag, the prospect of mocha Maltesers has clearly got potential customers seriously excited. A post on the GB Gifts Instagram account advertising the packets has already generated 450 likes in just a few hours, with one happy commenter declaring, “Ordered !! And buzzing for them.”

The new mocha bites aren’t the only reason for Maltesers fans to be in a good mood. Earlier this month, we reported on the release of an all-new Maltesers and Krispy Kreme collaboration that combined the chocolate with the iconic doughnut. If these new packs prove half as delicious, we’re in for a treat.