You can now get muffins stuffed with Reese's peanut butter filling

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Reese’s cups of any kind are obviously worth celebrating, but it’s when they’re combined with another dessert that they reach next-level deliciousness. There’s a reason why the internet loses its mind as soon as someone unearths a chocolatey, nutty ice cream cake or cookie. Clearly, we’re all still nine years old at heart. 

Even though they’re obviously awesome, it’s easier to resist when the only Reese’s hybrid on the shelf is big enough to satisfy an entire army’s sweet tooth. It’s a different matter when the treats are relatively bite-sized. Suddenly, the prospect of salty-sweet-stuffed snacking seems a whole lot more tempting. 

Proving that the addition of Reese’s can upgrade any dessert, no matter how inherently awesome, we are pleased to report that the famous peanut-based brand is now offering stuffed muffins as part of their menu. We suggest you grab a napkin to wipe up the drool. 

According to the description on the packaging, as listed on Instacart, the product features:

“Hershey’s chocolate muffins filled with indulgent Reese’s peanut butter filling topped with peanut butter icing and decorated with Reese’s peanut butter cups.”

We defy you to find a sexier muffin-centric sentence. 

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Understandably, several social media savvy muffin fans have had their say on the snacks. Despite general excitement, not everyone was as effusive as you might expect about a dish that sounds so good on paper. Instagrammer Sauced Junk Food, for instance, captioned a snap of the treats:

“We might be biased because we LOVE Reese’s and pretty much anything chocolate peanut butter. The muffin top is the best part, duh, and the fact that they’re filled helps mask the store packaged dry tasting dough. We had high expectations for these but they lacked a WOW factor. We don’t have a lot of experience with store bough (sic.) muffins so maybe you can help!”

Clearly, the only way we’ll know for certain whether they’re too good to be true is to try them ourselves. Not all heroes wear capes.