You can now get 'new' guacamole-flavoured Doritos

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Chips and guac are one of life’s great joys. Despite being in many cases about as Mexican as a Taco Bell “Gordita”, it’s almost impossible not to picture yourself gently roasting on a beach in Cancún when you’ve got a serving of something sharp, crunchy and cooling on hand.

However, if you don’t have time to waste languidly browsing your way through a bowl of crispy tortillas, there is a more efficient alternative. Now, harried snackers everywhere can have the best of both worlds, thanks to Doritos guacamole-flavoured tortilla chips. Why waste time dipping, when you can have it all in one ready-made fistful?

The new product, which features brittle, bright green triangles that look like they took an impromptu holiday too close to Chernobyl, has already caused quite a stir online, with several prominent Instagrammers quick to voice their excitement. 

When a photograph of the bag was promoted by popular account “Well This Is New”, dozens of commenters enthusiastically praised the release. As one Instagram user put it to a tagged friend, “we’d crush these.”

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However, for all the excitement, there also seemed to be some debate over the legitimacy of the “new” proudly emblazoned at the top of the packet. One commenter explained, “Yea these are not new they are back they had these when I was a kid,” while another added, “i used to eat these when i was a kid and drink blue pepsi [sic].”

But, even with a question mark over their newness, most of the reactions revealed a sense of happy nostalgia. As one Instagrammer explained, “I miss this so much they used to sell these in Atlanta bac in my day lol??? and in LA in the 90’s [sic].” Here’s hoping that guacamole Doritos can live up to the hype.