You can now get Old Bay seasoning hot sauce

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Some brands are so iconic that they go way beyond what they were originally made to do. There’s a reason why household names like Cheetos, Doritos and Reese’s end up flavouring everything from fried chicken to giant cheesecakes. Cult foods command respect. 

Across the seafood-heavy states of the USA, there is one spice mix that has done more to define cooking than crawfish, crabs and po’boys combined. It crops up in every kitchen from Baltimore to the Bayou and has helped put seafood boils on the map like nothing else. Now, Old Bay Seasoning is spreading wings and lending its legendary flavour to its very own hot sauce. 

The famous blend of herbs and spices is already popular enough to warrant incongruous appearances on bikinis, hats and a whole host of surprising merch. However, despite the novelty value of an Old Bay dog collar, it’s the new sauce that will most excite food fans. 

If you need a recipe idea, check out this video for our Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread:

The spicy brew comes in a 300ml bottle, and is perfect for “Game Day, Brunch or Happy Hour,” according to the label. In a photo shared to the official Old Bay Instagram account, the brand wrote:

“? #OLDBAYHOTSAUCE IS COMING ? Less than 1 day until you can get your hands on a bottle (or 10) of this LIMITED EDITION product, available on Tag someone who NEEDS this.”

Though the site lists the sauce as “Sold Out” at the time of writing, it also states that Old Bay will be “restocking soon”. Fans will have to wait with bated breath. 

Check out the Old Bay advert for the sauce here:

Understandably, the response from Old Bay fans when the news dropped was pretty overwhelming, to the point where the website actually crashed as a result of high traffic levels. This suggests that anyone waiting for the next batch of sauce will have to be quick off the mark to avoid disappointment. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a bottle, you can guarantee that your next buffalo wings are going to have a proper Cajun kick.