You can now get Oreo Cookie popcorn

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Mixing sweet and salty is a sure fire way to reach snack heaven. Whether you’re a fan of fried chicken and waffles or peanut butter burgers, fast food always seems to go up a level when you add something that should be incompatible. This is especially true of popcorn. 

After years spent mouldering under cinema seats, popcorn has had a 21st-century rebirth and grown into one of the world’s most popular snacks. Leaving behind its saline roots, you can now find kernels flavoured with everything from chocolate to caramel. Now, thanks to one enterprising snack merchant, you can add cookies to the list of delicious popcorn combinations.

Brought to you by specialist snack suppliers “Snax-Sational”, you can now get your hands on bags of Oreo cookie-flavoured popcorn. According to a description on the Snax-Sational website:

“Two of America’s favorite snacks are teaming up to take on your taste buds as we deliver the delicious taste of OREO Cookies in a light, crunchy popcorn package! It’s an incredibly satisfying combo that’s big on flavor, low in calories, and guaranteed to surprise and delight snackers of all ages.”

Check out our recipe for a Cookies And Cream Babka:

Company CMO Adam Cohen was equally enthusiastic in his opinion of the new treats, writing in a press release, as per Thrillist:

"Consumers and moviegoers have always loved snacking on their favorite cookies along with popcorn for a fun treat. Now, Snack Pop offers a popcorn snack in the form of Oreo Cookie Pop, for a delicious sweet and savory combo, combining that cookie and popcorn flavor in one. Oreo Cookie Pop is about to revolutionize the snacking experience." 

The new popcorn bags are available on both Sam’s Club and the Snax-Sational website, though the latter states that they are only available “while supplies last for a limited time only”. If ever there was an excuse to indulge in a popcorn spending spree, this is surely it.