You can now get "ready to drink" cans of Frank's Red Hot-flavoured Bloody Mary

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Some condiments are so delicious that it is a genuine mystery why no one is serving them over ice. Given that many people already add barbecue or sweet chilli sauce to basically everything, why not cut out the middle man and just present them in a juice box? It would certainly make it easier to explain when you get caught spooning mayonnaise straight from the jar. 

Clearly upset by this situation, legendary sauce purveyor Frank’s Red Hot has decided to pioneer a new trend towards quaffable condiment products. Sitting alongside the brand’s other successful spin-offs, Bloody Mary fans can now get their morning kicks with a canned cocktail made with actual Frank’s Red Hot. Finally, getting on the sauce can be literally as well as metaphorically enjoyable. 

Although the concept of a Frank’s Red Hot-flavoured Bloody Mary actually seems to have been around for a while, the idea of including alcohol in the actual can is, according to the website at least, a new innovation. As the description online states:

“It all started one day grilling in the back yard when a good friend served up Bloody Mary’s made with Frank’s RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce. The combination of flavor and heat was love at first taste!”

Check out this recipe for Frank's Cheese-Stuffed Burger Dogs:

The dedicated Frank’s Red Hot Bloody Mary website also includes some instructions for how to get the best out of your can. According to the guidelines, consumers should:

“Pull out an ice-cold Frank’s RedHot® Bloody Mary, made with all-natural ingredients… Blend all of those tasty natural ingredients together by shaking the bottle like you would a Frank’sRedHot® Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce bottle… and pour it over ice in a pint glass.”

“Now choose your favorite garnish: pickled beans, a spear of asparagus, deep-fried bacon, beef stick or the traditional celery and a lime wedge. Stand back, revel in its glory, enjoy!”

Credit: Pixabay

Unsurprisingly, the cans have already assembled a cult following online, with several pictures appearing across social media. As per Delish, listings for the product can be found online at Walmart, so there’s no excuse not to stock up.