You can now get ready-to-eat Reese's peanut butter cookie dough

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Ask any sensible four-year-old and they’ll tell you that cookies, like most things in baking, are always better before they’ve gone in the oven. Despite all the health and safety warnings around the advisability of eating raw flour and eggs, there is just something indescribably delicious about scraping out the sweet uncooked contents of a mixing bowl with a greedy, sticky finger. It almost always makes the actual dish seem like a letdown.

Of course, no one appreciates the irresistibility of raw cookie dough like a major baking brand. As soon as it became clear that customers were more interested in licking a batter-covered spoon than eating an actual cake, then the likes of Hostess, Sarah Lee and Betty Crocker were busy churning out the unrefined alternative. But, despite all the competition, one brand may just have found a way to claim the crown of “most delicious raw dough ever”.

Combining the best of childhood impatience and peanutty goodness, Reese’s fans will be delighted to learn that you can now enjoy packs of ready-to-eat Reese's peanut butter cookie dough. Revealed by popular Instagram account @CandyHunting, the new release comes courtesy of home-baking experts Pillsbury, and promises to put to bed any notion that it’s worth turning the oven on to enjoy something tasty. 

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According to the caption accompanying the photo, the new treats were first spotted at supermarket chain Hyvee, though there is no word yet on whether they are also available elsewhere. Despite being designed to be baked as well as eaten cold, Candy Hunting rightly pointed out that “There's a very small chance any of these Reese's Peanut Butter Cookie Dough discs will make it into an oven.”

This isn’t the first time that Pillsbury has forged a profitable partnership with Reese’s. Last year, the brand released its first “ready to bake Reese’s peanut butter cookies”, although the 2020 version appears to be the first time that they’re actually safe to eat raw. 

Even if you somehow have the patience to wait for your cookies to come out of the oven, the prospect of a specially designed Reese’s batter is surely worth getting extra excited over. Finally, years of rolling the dice over possible food poisoning have come to a delicious end.