You can now get 'tangy' pickle-flavoured Doritos

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Like “birthday cake” or “pineapple”, “pickle” is one of those flavours that can be added to almost anything. For a food that usually sits slightly ignominiously on a kitchen counter, the snack world has become weirdly obsessed with the briny tang of a fermented cucumber. No longer is it relegated to old sticky jars and sub-par burgers. Pickles are literally everywhere. 

From ice cream, to lip balm, to whole pickle-bun sandwiches, our preoccupation has resulted in some seriously strange creations. But for every unusual and frankly weird addition to a pickle-obsessive’s shopping list, occasionally we come up with something that sounds genuinely awesome. Fortunately for the pickle fandom, Doritos has done just that. 

As per several prominent Instagrammers and social media users, the popular snack producer has finally made their own version of the pickle chip available in the United States. According to Instagram-user @theimpulsivebuy:

“As someone who enjoys pickle-flavored Pringles and ate pickle and tuna sandwiches as a kid, I'm disappointed the U.S. hasn't had pickle-flavored Doritos before. But now we have them and I can enjoy the buildup of pickle-flavored Doritos dust on my fingers. Also, the I in pickle on the front of the bag has been replaced with a lightning bolt. That right there makes me forgive Frito-Lay for taking so long to bring pickle Doritos to the U.S. Spotted by Grace B at Dollar General.”

Check out this ice cream shop's pickle-flavoured gelato:

Since some form of pickle-flavoured Dorito has been available internationally for a while, news that the chips have landed on American soil has come as a massive relief to many. Several imaginative commentators pointed out the potential applications for the chips, with one suggesting, “I'm eating Taco Bell rn, imagine a pickle Doritos taco."

Judging by both the reaction to the news and the reception of the flavour in other countries, there’s no reason not to suggest that Tangy Pickle Doritos won’t be a hit in the States. At the very least, they will certainly spice up our snack selection for the remainder of lockdown.