You can now slurp noodles made from salmon sashimi at a restaurant in Singapore

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Contrary to the advice of every self-respecting Nonna, you can actually make noodles from pretty much anything. Anyone who’s ever dared venture into the dark recesses of Whole Foods knows that you can’t move cauliflower linguine or seaweed spaghetti. 

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However, while there are plenty of twists on the classic flour and egg formula, a restaurant in Singapore has recently proved that even the most out-there noodle makers are still being overly conservative. 

At Run Run Sushi, customers can completely skip out the carby middle man, instead asking for their noodles to be made from actual fresh fish. Since debuting on the menu, the restaurant’s fresh salmon sashimi noodles have made a serious splash, simultaneously amazing and slightly disturbing customers. Who wouldn’t want to eat weird orange worms with their soy sauce?

The sashimi noodles are available in three different sizes and come with in-house special sauce and wasabi for a spicy kick. As it states on the Run Run Sushi website:

“[It is] Time to bring your love for Salmon Sashimi up to the next level. Enjoy and slurp on your Salmon Sashimi as though you are slurping on a bowl of delicious saucy noodles. Savour the perfectly chilled and freshest Salmon Sashimi in strips of noodles, served with our in-house Special Sauce to bring you that perfect blend of sweet and savoury.”

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The noodles come in a “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Advanced” size, and will set you back anywhere between $25 and $50 USD. Each pack also comes complete with suggested instructions for enjoying your fishy noods, which state:

“Slurp entire Sashimi Noodle in 1 bite and enjoy the freshness of the Salmon Sashimi, plain and original

“Pick up Sashimi Noodle and do a quick dip into our in-house special sauce and slurp the entire noodle drenched in sauce in 1 bite. Optional: throw in some Wasabi in your special sauce for that extra kick of Wasabi / pick up the Wasabi and eat it directly 

“Pick up some Wasabi with your chopsticks and spread on the Sashimi Noodle

“Expert Level: Enjoy Steps 1, 2 or 3 and slurp multiple pieces of Sashimi Noodles and finish everything in 1 bite. (Not recommended for Beginners)

It might be some way removed from the traditions of Tokyo, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t intrigued.

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