You can now travel through Mexico on an all-you-can-drink tequila train

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Aside from tacos, tequila is the best “T” to have ever come out of Mexico. The only thing more exciting than scoffing mountains of spiced, citrusy, meat-filled tortillas is doing so with a liquor-laden shot glass.

Now, happy travellers can have the best of both worlds with the most exciting transport innovation since a clever caveperson realised that round things roll.

Courtesy of legendary tequila producer Jose Cuervo, tourists now have the option of taking the ultimate alcoholic train ride through the heart of agave country.

The Jose Cuervo Express, which runs from Guadalajara to the town of Tequila, is an all-you-can-drink travel experience that offers unparalleled historical and cultural insight and enough alcohol to sink a battleship. British railways could learn a thing or two. 

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With tickets starting at just 1950 MXN (or, around $102), the experience includes the opportunity for a professional tequila tasting, trips through the extensive agave fields and a guided tour of the famous La Rojeña distillery.

Although customers have the chance to upgrade their tickets to either a Premium Plus or a Diamond experience, even the most basic package involves plenty of excitement. According to promoters Travel Pirates, each trip includes:

“...a round-trip train ride from Guadalajara to Tequila, an open tequila bar and snacks on the train, an expert tequila tasting, a tour of the Jose Cuervo Distillery, and a Mexican cultural show.”

As alcohol aficionados will know, the tequila train isn’t the only booze-themed transport option in the region. In nearby California, the Napa Valley Wine Train has been an institution since 1864, and includes everything from wine-tasting to interactive murder mystery games. If you find yourself in America on the lookout for an exciting transport alternative, one thing is abundantly clear. Whether it’s wine or tequila, taking the train is the way to go.