You can order "flash-frozen" Italian pizzas shipped straight from Naples

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Italy has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently. As the country has been struggling to contain one of Europe’s worst coronavirus outbreaks, the things that have helped make it famous have taken something of a back seat. Streets that would ordinarily be stuffed with tourists lie quiet and empty. The foodie pilgrims who make the annual trek to southern Europe are now stuck at home. 

When you’re trapped in your sitting room, justifiably worried about your own friends and family, Italy’s litany of difficulties can feel distant. However, if you do feel like reaching a hand across the continent, it turns out that there is a way you can show your support and be rewarded with something delicious in the process.

Instead of demanding expensive and possibly dangerous trips to Campania to try some of the world’s best pizza, one enterprising Italian business has figured out a way to bring Naples to you. The Talia di Napoli Pizzificio, which takes its name from a 17th-century Italian folktale, specialises in shipping frozen authentic Italian pizzas from their homeland to your kitchen. As far as frozen pies go, this is the fior fire. 

Check out our recipe for a Big Mac Pizza:

As it explains on the Talia website:

“Each Talia pizza is hand-crafted respecting the ancient recipe and traditions. Our dough is prepared with our proprietary process and left to rise for 24 hours. Our pizzas are baked only in our hand-built wood-fired ovens.”

It’s after the cooking, according the website, that the real magic happens. As they put it:

“Within seconds of coming out of the oven, our pizzas enter a cryogenic chambers where the pizzas are put to sleep [sic.].

“Once they are asleep, Talia pizzas are ready to begin their dream journey from Naples to you. Our process ensures that Talia’s unique flavors & freshness are preserved while they travel across the world.”

Talia is offering a range of different options for would-be shoppers, including the $89.99 “Tasting Pack” featuring “1x Margherita, 1x Primavera, 1x Mozzarella Pizza, 1x Tartufina, 1x Four Cheese, 1x Broccoli Rabe, 1x Gluten Free Margherita.” It might be a little more pricey than a trip to the frozen food aisle, but to enjoy actual Italian pizza without being in Italy is a pretty priceless experience in our book.