Burger King provides instructions for making a Whopper using store-bought ingredients

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If coronavirus has proved anything it is that you really don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone. A few weeks ago, we all took trips to McDonald’s and KFC for granted. What we wouldn’t give for an unencumbered box of McNuggets now. 

Just like their customers, the scale of the pandemic has caught some of the biggest businesses on the planet with their pants down. In order to fill the void left by restaurant closures and a cooped up clientele, many have been forced to come up with innovative ways to keep the public engaged. Burger King France, for instance, has decided to turn from food provider to instructor. 

In a series of posts to the brand’s Twitter feed, Burger King has provided graphic instructions advising customers how best to recreate their famous sandwiches from the comfort of their own kitchen. Sharing blueprints for the Whopper, Big King, and Steakhouse, the business is clearly doing what it can to stay relevant without restaurants. 

According to the Twitter instructions for the Whopper, all you need to “have it your way” at home is an eight ingredient shopping list of buns, onion, pickles, ketchup, beef patty, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato. For anyone confused about assembly, the brand has also posted an accompanying video with more detailed instructions. 

Check out the video of the homemade Whopper here:

The tweets also provided some insight into what differentiates the Burger King menu. For instance, fans now know that by subtly switching barbecue for ketchup, adding bacon and cheese, and frying you onions to a crisp, you can easily create a Steakhouse instead of a Whopper. While this solution might have been in front of us the whole time, it’s nonetheless reassuring to have a tasty template to follow. 

While it’s true that the sandwiches might not be able to replicate the restaurant’s signature “flame-grilled” flavour, it’s certainly better than going without your fast food fix for the foreseeable future. Still, we’ll be eagerly awaiting our first proper taste when this is all over.