Californian hotel has a rosé robot that delivers socially distanced wine straight to your door

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Dystopian sci-fi flicks always make our relationship with robots look pretty bleak. Either they’re killing us, we’re killing them, or everyone is killing each other. Invariably, little attention is paid to the robot/human interactions that revolve around life’s small pleasures. Maybe, thanks to one Californian hotel’s member of staff, this will now change. 

At Hotel Trio in the heart of Californian wine country, guests can get drunk in what might be the most socially responsible way possible, thanks to a fully automated recruit. Dubbed "Rosé the Robot", the machine essentially functions as a wine butler, bringing guests everything from a cold glass of Pinot Grigio to snacks, towels, and toiletries, all without breaking social distancing measures. 

Although Rosé has actually been controlling corridors like a publican Dalek since 2018, it is over the last few months that it has really come into its own. As Hotel Trio explained in a recent press release:

“Allowing for physical social distancing, the three-foot robot delivers everything from pillows and pet treats to towels and groceries. Rosé has been entertaining guests of all ages since the Sonoma County hotel opened in July 2018, but in March 2020 she transitioned, literally overnight, from novelty to necessity.”

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“Thoroughly sanitized after every delivery,” Rosé is certainly proving that humanity’s relationship with machines doesn’t always have to be all Schwarzenegger and Skynet. In fact, as Trio General Manager Scott Satterfield explained, “For guests who prefer contactless deliveries, Rosé provides them with peace of mind as she can deliver items to their suite”. 

These are clearly uncertain times to be in the hospitality industry. All over the world, businesses that really on personal interaction are feeling the pressure of a reality where we all have to be kept apart for longer than we would like. Hopefully, gadgets like Rosé can ultimately make the transition a little easier to manage. Let’s just hope she doesn’t become self-aware.