The Cheesecake Factory has shared 19 of its recipes so you can make them at home

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In times of trouble, many stricken patrons have sought comfort in the warm, soft, saturated fat-laden bosom of The Cheesecake Factory. This is understandable, given what’s on offer. An infamously epic menu, packed full of the sort of goodies that can improve any mood and terrify any nutritionist, the restaurant is a bastion of unabashed, no-holds-barred comfort eating.

However, so unprecedented is our current crisis that the usual avenues of edible support have been cut off. Instead of sitting down to pour over the options like zealous priests leafing through the bible, we’ve been forced to order over the phone or the internet, only going to the restaurant for a brief pick-up. These are indeed dark times. 

Fortunately for flustered Cheesecake Factory fans, there is a way to recreate some of the restaurant’s signature heart-warming flavours without leaving the house. The brand has uploaded no fewer than 19 of its most popular recipes to its website, providing a safe haven for cooks who just can’t cope without their signature cinnamon roll pancakes. 

Also included in the extensive collection are instructions for cooking “Almond-Crusted Salmon Salad”, “Cajun Jambalaya Pasta”, “California Guacamole Salad”, “Korean Fried Cauliflower”, and “Factory Huevos Rancheros”. 

Check out our awesome recipe for these delicious Mini Strawberry Cheesecake Tacos:

In addition to the aforementioned pancakes, sweet options also include “Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes” - which can serve up to eight people - although, slightly disappointingly, the brand’s eponymous cheesecake remains absent from the list. In any case, the readily available blueprints for some of the most famously reassuring flavours in the fast-food industry should certainly be a source of comfort. 

Even if you aren’t especially confident in the kitchen, there are still ways for you to enjoy Cheesecake Factory food at home. Recently, the brand announced the release of a range of exciting new ice cream flavours, inspired by some of their most iconic dishes, including chocolate, cookies and cream and birthday cake. It may take a while for life to get back to normal, but at least we still have The Cheesecake Factory.