12 best online cooking classes for aspiring master chefs – a Twisted Guide

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Online cooking classes have become seriously popular during lockdown.

With people spending more time at home than ever, many have been wanting to brush up on their kitchen skills.

But where should you start and what are the best online cooking classes?

Here's everything you need to know...

Online cooking classes have become hugely popular in lockdown Online cooking classes are a great way to brush up on your kitchen skills (Credit: Pixabay)

What are the best online cooking classes?

You're spoilt for choice when it comes to online cooking classes.

There are countless options available from celebrity chef-endorsed courses to free video tutorials.

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And with all the content you need being on the web, you never even need to leave your home.

Fancy giving an online cookery class a try?

Here's Twisted's guide to the best the internet has to offer.

1. Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking

Gordon Ramsay best cooking course Gordon Ramsay offers an online cooking cpurse (Credit: Alamy/Picture Kitchen)

Cost: £170

Duration: 3 hours 53 mins

Gordon Ramsay has teamed up with Masterclass to launch two fantastic online cooking classes.

Filmed in his own kitchen, the seven-star Michelin chef shares top tips for perfecting his world-famous recipes.

Students will also learn the importance of using fresh ingredients and how best to set up your kitchen.

There's a free downloadable cookbook that accompanies the course too, packed with recipes, lesson recaps and supplemental materials!

2. Healthy Cooking Fundamentals by Udemy

Udemy cooking course Udemy specialise in online courses (Credit: Alamy/4OS Photos)

Cost: £13.99

Duration: 2 hours

This course was created for Udemy by the super talented chef Nic DeMuth.

If his name sounds familiar, that's because he's the founder of The Up Beet Kitchen – the online cookery school that specialises in making healthy food delicious.

Healthy Cooking Fundamentals is for home cooks looking to not only take their food to the next level but understand the thought process behind each and every step.

The course has rave reviews from previous students.

So far, more than 18,000 have taken part!

3. Great British Chefs

Great British Chefs Great British Chefs includes recipes for classic British dishes (Credit: Alamy/Mark Waugh)

Cost: Membership range from free to £6 per month

Duration: Dependent on your level of membership

Great British Chefs offers three levels of membership; free, silver and gold.

For silver, you'll pay £3.50 a month and receive access to the brand's Signature Series of masterclass videos.

You'll also have more than 10,000 recipes, guides and features at your fingertips.

Upgrade to gold and you'll receive all that plus exclusive discounts and free gifts sent to your door.

If you opt not to pay, your access is limited to one video a day.

The handy video tutorials will show you the all-important basics when it comes to cooking, including how to joint a chicken and how to prepare a fillet steak.

4. America's Test Kitchen

best online cooking classes America's Test Kitchen offers lots of different course options (Credit: Alamy/Valeri Vatel)

Cost: £15.51 a month or £139.90 a year

Duration: Access to more than 320 courses

One of the most recognisable names in the field, America’s Test Kitchen is a one-stop-shop for foodies.

In addition to podcasts, a TV series and written recipes, ATK now runs an online cookery school.

Either pay monthly or sign up for a year, and you'll have access to more than 320 courses.

You'll learn everything from the very basics to how to perfect more advanced recipes from the brand’s legendary line up of instructors.

5. The Kitchn Cooking School

The kitchn cooking classes The Kitchn is a great resource for practising key techniques like knife skills (Credit: Alamy/Zivica Kerkez)

Cost: Free

Duration: 20 lessons in 20 days

A 20-lesson, 20-day intensive cooking course, The Kitchn's Cooking School is ideal for anyone looking to brush up their skills as speedily as possible.

Each lesson covers a different topic, ranging from basic knife skills on day one, all the way up to baking on day 20.

Alongside expert advice on boiling, braising and roasting, it’s a great way to improve your abilities in the kitchen quickly.

Best of all, once you complete the course, you get a pretty cool diploma certificate.

6. Rouxbe

Rouxbe online cooking Rouxbe is an established name (Credit: Pexels)

Cost: £7.75 per month or £77.58 per year

Duration: 110 hours

A big part of the online cooking scene since 2005, Rouxbe has made waves for its slick, innovative approach and accessible content.

The course has even been given the seal of approval from prestigious chefs such as the acclaimed Marcus Samuelsson.

Available for both individuals and businesses, customers can benefit from a 30-day free trial before deciding to commit.

Lessons include everything from food health and safety courses to recipe instruction.

7. Delia Online Cooking School

Delia Smith cooking Delia Smith has run her online cooking school since 2013 (Credit: Alamy/Matt Crossick)

Cost: Free

Duration: 5 hours

First launched in 2013, Delia Smith’s online enterprise is another brilliant free resource for eager cooks.

The course itself is divided into five separate terms, which focus on topics ranging from perfect cakes in term one to perfect rice and pasta in term five.

Coupled with useful videos on subjects such as zesting citrus fruits and making sausage rolls, the Delia Online Cooking School is a great place to start your internet home cooking odyssey. 

If you fancy brushing up on your culinary skills or learning a few new ones, make sure you check this course out.

8. Massimo Bottura's Kitchen Quarrantine

Massimo Bottura cooking class Massimo Bottura is one of the world's best chefs (Credit: Alamy/DavidCC)

Cost: Free

Duration: 13 lessons (and counting)

Three-Michelin-star Osteria Francescana's very own Massimo Bottura launched a series of online cooking classes during lockdown.

Called Kitchen Quarantine, you'll find all of the handy videos on the chef's Instagram account, which boasts 1.4million followers.

Massimo already runs a hugely successful cooking course with MasterClass but launched these free video tutorials to inspire people to get cooking during lockdown.

You'll find delicious recipes for a range of dishes including spaghetti pomodoro, chocolate chip cookies and even homemade ice cream.

9. Home Ec 365

best cooking classes Home Ec 365 is a great free resource (Credit: Pexels)

Cost: Free

Duration: 4 lessons

Whole Foods has launched a brand new online cooking class for 2020.

The course is split into four lessons, each taught by a different expert covering different areas.

New York chef Sophia Roe shares her top tips on how to transform leftovers into culinary masterpieces.

YouTube star Jessica Tull shows how to keep your kitchen sparkling, while baking sensation Joy Wilson spills the beans on her best-kept secrets.

Last but not least, chef and author Bobby Parish reveals how to make the most out of your week shop.

Best of all? It's free!

10. Chef's Compliments

Chef's Compliments cooking class Chef's Compliments is a pricey option (Credit: Pexels)

Cost: £400 plus vat

Duration: 2 hours

If you're after a bespoke virtual cooking class, Chef's Compliments is your best bet.

The two-hour lesson is created by award-winning, 1 and 2 starred Michelin chef, Darryl Breen.

Although it's a more expensive option, the price includes a consultation to design your two-hour lesson, which can include up to two courses.

You're also allowed to invite up to 100 guests to the virtual lesson – which would work out as just £4 per person.

As these lessons are tailored specifically to you, they are suitable for aspiring chefs of all abilities.

It's also worth noting this course has incredible reviews on Trust Pilot.

11. The Chef and the Dish

Cooking and the Dish Chef and the Dish cooking courses are great for cooking couples (Credit: Pexels)

Cost: £255 for two people

Duration: 2 hours 30 mins

Yep, the price is pretty steep but that's because these classes are live and tailored to you and your plus one.

Instead of faffing around with the pause button or wondering if you've made a mistake, you'll be on a live Skype call with a professional chef.

If you have any questions, the chef will be able to answer everything there and then as well as proved feedback on how you're doing.

You can pick from a wide range of cuisines from Italian to Japanese to Turkish.

With limited choices for date nights out, The Chef and the Dish could potentially be the perfect date night in.

12. Cooking With Twisted

Cooking with Twisted Hugh, in all his glory, in an episode of Cooking With... (Credit: Twisted)

Cost: Free

Duration: 10 lessons

How could we not round off this list without a shoutout to our very own Twisted series Cooking With?

There are ten episodes in this series which you can find on our Facebook page.

Each recipe was designed by our incredibly talented Twisted chefs and range from cakes to roast dinners to cheeseburger dumplings.

Check the series out and let us know what you think.

Cooking courses beginner If you're a total beginner, it's not always easy to know where to start (Credit: Pexels)

How should a beginner start cooking?

If you're new to the world of cooking, it's best to start with the basics.

Find a simple recipe and give it your best shot – remember, practice makes perfect!

But if you need a little more guidance, why not sign up for one of the online cooking classes listed above?

Your tummy will thank you later.

Cooking beginner There are plenty of simple recipes you can start with (Credit: Pexels)

What is the easiest thing to cook?

Look for a recipe that isn't packed with too many ingredients or technical steps.

Twisted has a handy guide to easy things to cook that anyone can make.

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The recipes include fajita shrimp pasta, jalapeño popper hasselback chicken, meatloaf and crispy cordon bleu chicken pasta.

You can check out the full video here.