8 deep fat fryer ideas that went viral but belong in the food bin

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Deep fat fryer ideas can sometimes go too far.

It’s now possible for anyone and everyone to create ever more unedifying creations by battering everything from chocolate to cheese.

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As a result, we have made a lot of questionable decisions when it comes to deep fat fryer ideas.

Here are a few of the most ridiculous things that we’ve tried to consign to a fryer's oily depths.

Deep fat fryer ideas Not all deep fat fryer ideas are terrible (Credit: Alamy/Andrew Wilson)

Deep fat fryer ideas that were just WRONG

Deep fat fryers are responsible for some of the tastiest dishes known to man.

But sometimes, we get it wrong. Very wrong.

Here are nine foods you won't believe people have dumped in a deep fat fryer...

1. Pizza

In the dictionary under ‘less is more’, you’ll find a greasy photo of this insult to Italy.

Over the years, we’ve done some pretty awful things to pizza, but this could be the crowning turd in the hideous punchbowl.

We’ve taken something beautiful, and made a monster.

2. Coca-Cola

Without the seal of a raviolo shell, deep frying liquids just becomes an affront to science and logic.

To prepare this insult, coca-cola is mixed into batter, frozen and dropped into hot oil.

We are now apparently beyond Newtonian law and have passed into physics-defying levels of deep fryer mastery.

3. Butter

A heart attack, wrapped in chest pain, soaked in cholesterol.

The inside of a stick of deep fried butter looks like the camera feed from someones key-hole cancer surgery - a big white tumour of fatty horror.

Please, just don’t.

4. Ice cream

It may have been around for ages, but this concept is still ridiculous.

Continuing our theme of melty things that we keep trying to introduce to hot oil, fried ice cream may now be a common part of our culinary conversation.

But that doesn’t mean it makes any sense.

5. Bubblegum

Theoretically this makes even less sense than frying ice cream, what with bubblegum being famously inedible.

Featuring gum flavoured marshmallows, this monstrosity looks, and apparently tastes, like an upturned bucket of face paint.

6. Cadbury Creme Eggs

The trouble with deep frying, is it can send some mad with power.

A Creme Egg is a perfect example of something iconic that should be left well alone.

Like ‘Psycho’, what it doesn’t need is a horrible, batter drowned, Vince Vaughan-ified re-make.

7. Salad

This is the definition of pointless – an insult to everything that both salads and deep frying stand for.

We’ve abused salad in all manner of unspeakable ways over the years, but this takes the greasy biscuit.

Somebody needs to take a long hard look at themselves for this abominable concept.

8. Chocolate Covered Bacon

The proof that not all frying is in evil. Take heaven, cover it with hundred-dollar bills and then sprinkle some sex on top.

It might well be horrible, but we should all be secretly proud to live in an age where someone thought this was a good idea.

Pure oily genius.

Fried chicken Crispy fried chicken is a classic deep-fried dish (Credit: Alamy/Jonathan Welch)

What food should you deep fry?

For starters, none of the food listed above.

Instead, go for tried and approved options like potatoes, chicken, bacon or prawns.

There are plenty of delicious options.

Just don't get too carried away with your deep fat fryer ideas because the results could be, well, disgusting.

How long should you deep fry food?

Just like preparing food in the oven, cooking time and temperature varies when it comes to deep fay frying.

However, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has put together guidelines for different food.

For chicken pieces, set the oil to 375 °F and cook for 13-20 minutes, depending on size.

You can fry chicken fingers at 350 °F but they only need to go on for 6-8 minutes.

Shrimp and fish fillets should be fried for 3-6 minutes at 320 °F.

Meanwhile, turkey takes 3-5 minutes per pound and needs to be fried at 375 °F.

Deep fat fryers can reach temperatures of more than 400 °F, meaning it can be dangerous.

Learn how to make our incredible whole fried chicken:

Stay safe by ensuring the flammable cooking oil has no direct contact with flames and if possible, keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

Also, make sure water doesn't have direct contact with the oil.

"When water encounters very hot oil (about 350 °F) water vaporises instantaneously turning into super heated steam,' the USDA states.

"It expands quickly, which can cause oil to splatter and risk bodily injury.

"Do not let water get into the hot fat or use water to cool, or clean the appliance while food is deep-frying."

Deep fat fryer at home There are lots of deep fat fryers you can use at home (Credit: Alamy/Matthew Horwood)

Which deep fat fryer is the best?

There are a lot of options on the market.

But choosing the right deep fat fryer is a personal choice every foodie should make for themselves.

A good starting point, however, would be to check out product reviews online.

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With so many ingredients left to dunk, we’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of deep-fried ingenuity.

But whatever comes next, it is certain to not make a whole lot of sense, nor to be anything other than terrible for us.

We’re excited.