Aldi is now selling a pink gin that tastes of rhubarb and bramble

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Not since the era of Mad Men, when apparently everyone survived entirely off Old Fashioneds, has an alcoholic drink been in the limelight like gin is today. Whether you’re a tiny distillery or a massive pub chain, everyone is getting in on the act, to the point where it feels like there’s a new flavour every week. Whichever way you spin it, it’s a good time to be into gin.

There’s arguably nobody who exemplifies this trend more than budget supermarket chain Aldi. Having already made headlines this week with the release of their “Mystical Unicorn” gin liqueur, Aldi are clearly not content to let the rest of the competition catch up. As part of their new and exclusive range, the supermarket have also included a delicious looking pink gin, flavoured with rhubarb and bramble. What a time to be alive.

Credit: Aldi

According to the official product description on the Aldi website, “The elegantly smooth and complex taste you experience when you sip Greyson's Rhubarb & Bramble flavoured gin is best described as a fusion of fruity summer berries with a juicy rhubarb finish.” Given its release at the height of August, it sounds like the ideal summer spirit. 

A 70cl bottle of gin will currently set you back £15.99, provided you purchase directly through Aldi’s website. At 37.5% ABV, each bottle contains 26.3 units, meaning that it’s certainly not a drink to take lightly. As an added bonus, the drink is both vegan and vegetarian friendly, making it an ideal tipple for just about anyone. 

Credit: Aldi

The Rhubarb & Bramble flavour is just one example of a new range currently available at Aldi. Others, apart from the aforementioned Unicorn liqueur, include passionfruit, apricot & coconut gin; strawberries and cream liqueur; and spiced rhubarb liqueur. Even if you aren’t enticed by the idea of drinking bramble, there are plenty of affordable options on offer.