7 celebrities who are secretly awesome cooks

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

In an era of celebrity chefs, it’s easy to forget that the kitchen door can swing both ways. For every greasy, grumpy, sweary cook who makes it onto the big screen, there is a beautiful, glamorous and usually gentile famous face heading in the opposite direction.

It’s the nature of celebrity that your personal life is in the public eye. That being said, these surprisingly talented superstars may come as a shock to anyone who thought that being in the limelight was just about pouting on a red carpet. Here are seven celebrities who are secretly awesome cooks.

bell pepper cooking Credit: Pixabay/JESHOOTS

1. Snoop Dogg

To anyone who’s up to date with the latest cookbook releases, this entry will not come as a shock. Releasing his debut effort, “From Crook to Cook”, earlier this year, Snoop Dogg has been busily building a career away from the recording booth and in the kitchen, running his own cooking show with none other than Martha Stewart.

2. Lady Gaga

When she’s not busy wooing Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga likes to spend her time delving deep into her Italian heritage. Inspired by her father, who owned and operated his own restaurant in New York, Gags regularly shares photos of her culinary exploits across her social media, including some exceptional looking pasta dishes.

3. Michael Buble

We might all be sick to death of his Christmas album by now, but there is no denying that Micky Bubbles is one talented crooner. When he isn’t making men and women go weak at the knees, Buble likes to relax in the kitchen with his wife’s Italian-Argentinian family, making everything from chorizo to asado.

4. Jesse Tyler Ferguson

A broadway legend and sitcom maestro, Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson has said that, were it not for acting, he would almost certainly have become a professional cook. In recent years he has started a food blog alongside chef Julie Tannous, as well as invested in several successful restaurants. Plans for a new recipe book are also apparently imminent.

5. Alicia Silverstone

She might have made her name as a mid-90s actress, but Alicia Silverstone has spent the last few years busily building a new culinary empire. A dedicated vegan, Silverstone has her own plant-based website, featuring recipes and tips for vegan living, as well as her own cookbook.

6. Eva Longoria

Desperate Housewives might have come and gone, but Eva Longoria is still centrestage for celeb-obsessed foodies around the world. The actress actually began her career in a branch of Wendy’s, before buying stakes in two LA restaurants and eventually releasing her own cookbook – “Eva’s Kitchen”.

7. Stanley Tucci

A Hollywood legend in his own right, one of Stanley Tucci’s many roles involved playing Julia Child’s husband in the hit “Julie and Julia”. Offscreen, Tucci is an incredibly talented cook, having released two recipe books and advocated strongly for the preservation and documentation of old recipes for posterity.

If you don’t know any better, it’s sometimes easy to dismiss some celebrities as simple one-trick ponies. However, as these seven prove, there’s often way more to learn if you look a little deeper below the surface.