7 celebrities who have no idea how to eat properly

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Most food is fairly self explanatory. You either slice it, grab it, fork it or spoon it into your face with whatever implement you happen to have been presented with. Sometimes, you might be able to attack it with your bare hands. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out what’s the best way to get something tasty into your tummy. Which makes it even funnier when people fail.

It’s an unfortunate curse of celebrity that you’re always being watched. This means that every little mistake you might make gets beamed around the world to be mocked by millions. As depressing as this must be, at least this gives the rest of us plenty of time to laugh. Here are seven celebrities who have no idea how to eat properly.

VIP room Credit: Flickr/sayot

1. Justin Bieber and Burritos

Poor Justin Bieber can’t even seem to catch a break. Whether he’s receiving hate mail for recording one of the most irritating songs ever or fighting British photographers in the street, barely a week goes by without Biebs having some sort of PR meltdown. So it has proved once again, after this photo prompted the world to wonder whether the boy king of pop understands how burritos work.

2. Michael Buble and Corn

He might have the voice of an angel, but Michael Buble’s approach to corn on the cob is nothing short of blasphemy. Rather than tilting and chomping like most normal members of society, Buble instead treats it like a banana. Though he was quick to defend himself, Buble clearly still has a lot to answer for.

3. Donald Trump and Pizza

The current tangerine-in-chief has done many terrible things in his life, but this afront to pizza must rank as one of the worst. The fact that it was part of a Pizza Hut campaign is neither here nor there. Eating the crust first is plain wrong.

4. Skepta and Bananas

British grime has become more and more respectable in recent years, with artists such as Stormzy breaking into the mainstream. Unfortunately, the pursuit of a seat at music’s top table was set back a few stages after Skepta revealed how he eats bananas to BBC Radio 1’s Matt Edmondson. Both Edmondson and the audience were incredulous when the rapper revealed that he always peels his bananas from the bottom. Madness.

5. Kourtney Kardashian and Kit Kats

Esoteric eating habits in a family like the Kardashians shouldn’t really shock anyone, but elder sister Kourtney’s treatment of Kit Kats really takes the biscuit. Rather than eating the fingers separately like a normal person, Kourtney revealed that she bites off either end, splits the bar in half, and eats the two pieces independently. This, clearly, is someone with too much time on their hands.

6. Cynthia Nixon and Bagels

A word to the wise – the middle of a political campaign is not the time to reveal that you have a weird food habit. When Cynthia Nixon made the mistake of revealing what she does to bagels, the response was immediate and hostile. Her order of cream cheese, capers, onions and tomato on a cinnamon bagel was too much for most New Yorkers to get their heads around. Unsurprisingly, she lost her election.

7. Steven Tyler and Popcorn

You can be the sexiest man alive, but it’s basically impossible to look cool and eat popcorn at the same time. Exhibit A), Steven Tyler. The Aerosmith frontman might have made millions weak at the knees over the years, but his “tongue-only” technique for popcorn consumption causes a lot of head scratching. Maybe he should just stick to eating the rich.

Of course, everyone makes mistakes when they eat. I’m sure we’ve all done things that, if they were seen by the rest of polite society, would leave us ostracised and alone. Fortunately, we aren’t rich and famous. We can just sit back and laugh.