8 discontinued chocolate bars we all wish we could still eat

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

There’s nothing worse than when something you love unexpectedly leaves you. Whether it’s a long term relationship or a beloved TV show, nothing can prepare you for the devastating sense of loss, knowing that the thing you cared about more than anything else on earth has left, never to return. Obviously, this experience applies just as much, if not even more so, to our favourite foods.

As unhelpful as it is to mentally torture ourselves over tasty things we can no longer eat, it is also immensely satisfying, in a slightly weird, sadomasochistic way. Why live in the real world, where food is boring, healthy and full of vitamins, when we could live in a fantasy land, where all the banned/banished treats from our youth still exist and still taste just as yummy as ever. It’s time for us to take you back in time. Here are the top eight discontinued chocolate bars we all wish we could still eat.

8. Snaps

They might look like a weird chocolate Pringle (which, incidentally, is also a thing), but Cadbury’s Snaps were, while they lasted, the ultimate alternative chocolate snacks. With five equally awesome flavours, including Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, Caramel Crunch, Mint and Orange, these treats disappeared from shelves back in 2010. RIP.

7. Reese’s Elvis Cups

Aside from the music, the king’s most recognisable legacy has to be his propensity for exorbitant peanut butter snacks. Reese’s attempted to immortalise Elvis’ tastes with the creation of “peanut butter and banana cups” back in 2007. Equal parts delicious and indulgent, Hershey’s kept the limited edition sweet in production for longer than expected, before stopping altogether in 2008.

6. Cabana Bars

Competing in an era where major chocolatiers were just starting to go head-to-head, Cabana Bars were, for many, an 80s icon. A mixture of cherry, coconut and caramel, the bars were initially wildly successful, before being slowly overtaken by more innovative competition.

5. Terry’s Pyramint

They might now be famous for the signature spherical chocolate orange, but there was a time when that wasn’t the only shape in their arsenal. The triangular Pyramint was a fan favourite for years, thanks to its unique and incredibly impractical profile. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been seen since the 90s.

4. Caramac Kit Kat

Though not all food fusion works, one attempt that definitely succeeded was the delicious, if short-lived, Caramac Kit-Kat. A combination of thin, crispy wafer and caramel flavoured chocolate, the bar had an initial limited run in 2005, before being brought back due to public demand in 2007. It hasn’t been seen since.

3. Toffo

If you were ever in doubt over how much people loved these chewy toffee sweets, look no further than an incident that took place six years after they were pulled. In 2014, a fan found an untouched roll of Toffos in a Scottish sweet shop, sending the internet into total meltdown as fans fought to get hold of the last roll on earth.

2. Fuse

Combining peanuts, fudge, cereal, caramel and milk chocolate, Fuse tasted as explosive as the name suggests. Discontinued in 2006, fans voted in overwhelming numbers to bring the bar “back from the dead” during a Cadbury’s Halloween promotion in 2015. However, it was unfortunately shelved for a second time shortly after the publicity stunt.

1. Chocolate Coins

Clearly, chocolate coins of all shapes and sizes can be bought almost anywhere, but none are anywhere near as exciting as the now defunct Cadbury’s originals. Pulled from shelves after Christmas in 2014, fans around the world have been calling for these to return, with cries so far falling on deaf ears.

It might feel like a fruitless task, wishing for long gone favourites to make a stunning comeback. However, as some of these entries prove, there is always the potential for a return from the wilderness. If you wish for it hard enough, you never know what might happen.