8 downright delicious foods that prove that cutlery is a load of BS

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Sometimes we all find food so tasty that politeness has to disappear out the window. In these situations, attacking something delicious with your hands is the only sensible way to go. Though there are some things that will always be impossible to handle without some artificial assistance, there are a few foods around the world that were born to be eaten sans knife and fork. Here are our picks for the earth’s eight best finger foods.

1. Bichak

Originating from Afghanistan, these triangular pastry treats come packed with a wealth of sweet and savoury fillings. Traditionally enjoyed as an aperitif at the end of a meal or as a light mid-afternoon snack, Bichak are a family favourite that can be eaten anytime, anywhere.

2. Bruschetta

As a key component of antipasti, bruschetta encapsulates everything that’s great about Italian cooking. Featuring fresh local produce like tomatoes, garlic and olive oil, these small slices of heaven prove that when you have bread, the sky’s the limit.

3. Buffalo Wings

All over the world, different nations have their own riff on great wing making. Few, however, can claim to be as universally popular as the all-American buffalo wing. Deep fried and slathered in signature hot sauce, this is perhaps the ultimate example of what’s possible with a chicken.

4. Coxinha

Some of the best finger food has its home on the street and Brazilian coxinha is no exception. These deep fried dumplings feature shredded chicken and an array of local seasonings and spices, delivering a mouthwatering combination of crunchy casing and great flavour with every bite.

5. Dolmades

When it comes to putting on a proper spread, few countries can rival Greece. Of all the tasty treats you can pick up on a Greek dinner table, dolmades are perhaps the most traditional and most delicious. These rolled vine leaves are usually stuffed with a heady mixture of rice, meat and citrus, providing a mediterranean taste sensation.

6. Samosas

You’ll struggle to find an Asian tradition as globally popular as the samosa. These deep fried pastry triangles deliver the perfect combination of spice and texture, making them a great way to kick off any meal with an emphasis on Asian flavours.

7. Smorrebrod

The national sandwich of Denmark might seem unassuming to the uninitiated, but there’s a whole lot more to these treats than meets the eye. Typically served with smoked fish and an array of pickles, smorrebrod are sharp, salty and simply delicious.

8. Vol-au-Vent

Though their reputation has suffered over the years at the hands of average British dinner party catering, the original vol-au-vent is still a thing of beauty. Featuring buttery puff-pastry stuffed with everything from salmon to sausage meat, there really is no limit on what can be paired with a proper vol-au-vent.

There will always be times when the only thing that can fill a hole is something big, hearty and wholesome. However, when you feel the need for a light snack that can keep you ticking over, finger food is the only way to go. When it comes to finding the best, we feel that you need look no further than the eight options above. Bon appetit.