Sainsbury’s supermarket is installing Lindt Lindor pick ‘n’ mix stalls

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Pick ‘n’ mix is, almost by its definition, a little hit and miss. When you’re frantically grabbing fistfuls of sweets, it’s almost inevitable that you end up with a few duds. For every fizzy cola bottle, there’s a parma violet waiting to ruin your tastebuds. Fortunately, however, one British supermarket has decided to take a stand against the edible lottery and prepare a pick ‘n’ mix collection that everyone can agree is awesome. 

Instead of a mixture of sweets and chocolate, Sainsbury’s has decided to install stands made up entirely of legendary Lindt Lindor. Made with a mixture of soft truffle, encased in a harder shell of rich Swiss milk chocolate, it is the ultimate way to double down on your chocolate obsession. 

Although details on the plan are still slightly tenuous, early photos suggest that the stalls will allow shoppers to customise the Lindt bags, choosing from several different flavours. Included on the list of options is original milk, dark. mint, orange and strawberry and cream. 

According to a report in Metro, customers will be able to choose between three different-sized boxes, costing £3, £5 and £10. The different sizes can accommodate eight, 14 and 28 chocolates respectively, meaning that there are options for every appetite. Although the choices are slightly more expensive (a standard 16 Lindor box costs about £4), the option to choose your own flavours makes it a price worth paying. 

Sainsbury’s have in fact been experimenting with the Lindor stand idea for some time, trialling the concept in five stores this year. With this latest development, the supermarket has stated that they plan to introduce the pick ‘n’ mix in a further 67 stores on the 2nd of December, although exactly where these locations will be remains under wraps. Chocoholic shoppers are advised to keep an eye out – you never know where one might pop up.