A festival dedicated to dumplings is coming to London this spring

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

There’s a reason why virtually every famous food culture enjoys snacking on something small, round and stuffed. As anyone who’s dabbled in dim sum will tell you, sometimes you can’t beat a piping hot parcel of steamy deliciousness. It’s impossible to not feel slightly happier after a dumpling.

Whether you go giddy for gyoza or are jealous of anyone with a jiaozi, something big is coming to take care of all your dumpling needs. Dunkers and dippers can sit back and chow down on some of Asian cuisine’s most beloved exports at an all-new dumpling festival in the heart of the East End. 

dumplings in a steamer Credit: Pixabay

The event, which will open its doors on Friday the 17th of April and run over the weekend, promises to be a ray of sunshine in what can be a gloomy month in the capital. Held at the historic Hoxton Docks, the event will allow the public to sample a selection of treats from eight traders over a three hour period, providing plenty of time for happy browsing. 

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According to the official event description:

“This festival dedicated to the Asian delicacy will bring tons of exciting new dumplings for you to sample. A hidden gem in East London will provide the perfect backdrop as you enjoy a live band and DJs, a picture-perfect dumpling photo wall, and delicious food, of course. Like a tray full of delicious dumplings, you’ll never want it to end!”

Tickets, which are currently on sale now, range from £27 “Early Bird” access to £41 VIP admission. All tickets include “Entry to the event”, “Entertainment from a live band and DJ” and “Complimentary dumplings (approx. 14) with additional dumplings available for purchase”, though VIP ticket holders also enjoy a private seating area and a complimentary drink.

Credit: Pixabay

Although there’s no word yet on exactly who will be cooking the dumplings, the website states that “food will be provided by 8 stations with local food traders as well as Fever’s own kitchen staff.” Ordinarily, shelling out £27 for mystery future food might feel like too much of a commitment. For dumplings, we think we’ll make an exception.