A supermarket has turned halloumi fries into potato chips and they only cost £1

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Fans of the ultimate cheesy hipster food can finally rejoice after a British supermarket has found a way to turn halloumi fries into potato chips. The new snacks are available for just £1 at Co-op food, making it easier than ever to enjoy deep fried Greek treats on the go. It might raise a few eyebrows in Cyprus, but if early reaction is anything to go by, tradition is way less important than tastiness.

The new crisps are 100% vegetarian and come complete with a sprinkling of chilli for an injection of heat, making them just as flavourful as their street food counterparts. Currently only available in 100g bags, the limited edition snacks are scheduled to be around for the duration of summer, though there may be the possibility of an extension should they prove sufficiently popular.

Speaking to Pretty 52 after news of their release, Co-op crisps, snacks and nuts developer Ursula Artjoki revealed, “We’ve seen halloumi fries pop-up on many a restaurant menu over the past year…we wanted to put our Co-op spin on this trend and give our customers the chance to enjoy the popular flavour conveniently in a crisp offering. Co-op Halloumi Fries are a really moreish crowd-pleaser that won’t last long once the bag gets opened.”

Though the halloumi fries have certainly stolen the headlines, they aren’t the only snacks to be making a splash on Co-op shelves in 2019. Other crisps include “Spiced Coconut and Chargrilled Pineapple Tortilla Chips”, which are priced at a slightly more expensive £1.70 and are described as a “mildly spicy sweet potato tortilla chips seasoned with creamy coconut, sweet pineapple and on-trend yuzu”. For other fans of exotic nibbling, Co-op have also released “Aromatic Crispy Duck And Hoisin” and “Lamb Kofta And Halloumi Flatbread” crisps. It’s clearly going to be an exciting few months for anyone fed up with salt and vinegar.

Given the popularity of both traditional halloumi and trendier halloumi fries, it’s unsurprising that the Co-op aren’t the first supermarket to jump onto the Cypriot dairy bandwagon. Last month, legendary bargain store Aldi were forced to ration supplies of their new frozen halloumi fries after demand threatened to exceed supply. It just goes to show that, whoever you are, the combination of cheese and a deep fat fryer is almost certainly going to be irresistible.