A Vermont town has just completed making the world’s largest s’more, and it’s massive

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Some records pass in an instant. Some stand for centuries. But, ultimately, all records are there to be broken. This is exactly the never-say-die attitude that has inspired a small town in the northeastern United States to defy the history books and make a name for themselves. No longer will the world greet the name of Middlesex, Vermont with a blank expression and a shrug. For it is here that the world’s largest s’more has finally been constructed. Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!

The new record was set by a dynamic duo of small town businesses, who decided to pool resources and have a crack at the current record holder. Artisans from the Red Hen Bakery, a local favourite since it first opened its doors in 1999, and chocolatiers from the neighbouring Nutty Steph’s came together in a celebration of giant marshmallow and cracker. Once you see the size of the end result, it’s easy to understand why two teams were needed.

Construction on the project began at the Red Hen, where Co-Owner and Head Baker Randy George and his team spent several days crafting the supersize graham crackers for the massive sweet. Unlike a traditional s’more, which features marshmallow and chocolate, sandwiched between a pair of ordinary crackers, this version measured a whopping four feet by nine feet, and weighed around 200 pounds. The entire process involved, “Making 80 pounds of dough, and then sheeting that out on our sheeter, baking 24 sheet pans worth,” according to George.

Naturally, there was more to the bake than just building a bigger s’more than anybody else. The project was planned as part of Middlesex’s “Smorestice” celebration, held at a community centre in camp Mead. So massive was the centrepiece that it took ten people to carefully carry it out of the van. Once safely removed, the treat was decorated with marshmallows by local children, which were in turn burnt using giant industrial blow torches.

The final ingredient was added by Nutty Steph’s, an independent, hand crafted chocolate manufacturer and confectioner. This involved the drizzling of some 60 pounds of homemade milk chocolate across the melted marshmallow. Speaking to reporters from ABC, owner Jaquelyn Reike stated, “To create a s’more that has high quality ingredients and has the high quality chocolate from Nutty Steph’s and then the homemade flour from Red Hen is really exciting.”

Despite the excitement around the world record attempt, there is some way to go before this s’more is confirmed as the biggest of all time. The current official Guinness title belongs to an effort from 2014 made at Deer Run Camping Resort in Pennsylvania. Though there is no mention of the previous s’more’s dimensions, its official weight is stated as 121.11 kilograms, which would make it almost identical to the Middlesex s’more when all ingredients are taken into account. Regardless whether this latest endeavour gets the recognition it deserves, it’s clear that the bakers gave it all they could.