Aldi have launched a massive 28oz “Bigger Daddy Rump Steak” for father’s day

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Nothing says “I Love You” quite like a large hunk of red meat. Even if you’re a veggie, or just someone who prefers animals while they are still alive, there’s something undeniable about the impression left by a massive steak. International bargain-based supermarket Aldi understand this better than anyone. This is why they have decided to unleash one of their biggest ever servings of beef on the public.


New for Fathers’ Day 2019, the business have unveiled the 28oz “Bigger Daddy Rump Steak” – an upgrade on their already wildly successful “Big Daddy” offering. At almost twice the size of its closest rival, the “Bigger Daddy” is a beast in every sense, and is believed to be the largest steak currently on sale in British supermarkets.

Despite its size, the monstrous meat slices will only cost £7.99, which works out at a price of £1.01 per 100 grams – making them a relative bargain for their size. To top it off, each steak has been matured for 21 days in order to enhance their flavour, and Aldi claim that there is enough meat to easily serve a family of four with a single steak.


While the offer of almost unconscionable amounts of cow may be too much for many to resist, there is a catch. The “Bigger Daddy” steaks are being released as part of Aldi’s “Specialbuys” selection, meaning that they will only be available while stocks last, as opposed to becoming a permanent fixture. 


However, if you do happen to miss out on the meat, all is not lost. Aldi have also announced the rerelease of their original “Big Daddy” steaks, meaning that customers can still get their fill of impractically sized steak servings. Retailing at £4.99, the “Big Daddy” is an even more affordable option, proving that excellent Fathers’ Day gifts can still be purchased whatever your budget, so long as your dad likes meat.