Aldi is releasing a shimmery pink unicorn gin that tastes of candy floss and marshmallow

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Aldi is launching a brand new gin liqueur from Thursday that tastes like candy floss and marshmallow.

The delectable-looking shimmery pink drink could well be the perfect alcoholic beverage for anyone with a sweet tooth. Made by The Infusionist Small Batch, one bottle has a 20 per cent Alcohol By Volume (ABV) content and costs £9.99.

Note that if you make an online order from Aldi which amounts to under £20, you will have to pay a £2.95 delivery charge.

aldi gin Credit: Aldi

The magical beverage will be hitting the shelves of the budget supermarket chain and is also available to order online this Thursday, August 22 – just a couple of days before the bank holiday weekend.

And if mystical, unicorn-themed drinks aren’t really your sort of thing, then you might also be interested in the other beverages in Aldi’s new gin range, as part of their first-ever spirits festival.

Other beverages will include rum, cream liqueurs and canned cocktails. In fact, Aldi is adding another 10 sprits to their shelves. These will include a Tutti Frutti gin liqueur, Passionfruit, Apricot and Coconut Gin, Strawberry and Cream Liqueur and Spiced Rhubarb Rum Liqueur.

Needless to say, customers are already looking forward to getting their hand son the shimmery pink gin, with one Facebook user asking: “do we even need an excuse to try this?” and another saying: “Got to have it for this weekend!”

So, if you were planning to have a boozy few days over the long weekend, then you might as well indulge in a yummy, candy floss and marshmallow-flavoured gin – we won’t be having another bank holiday until Christmas!

This article originally appeared on vt.co