Aldi is selling bargain fire pits that double up as barbecues

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Summer is hands down the best season of the year – no matter what anyone else says. By that time, the grey, rainy days that confined you to your house in the winter should hopefully have passed, and you can actually spend time outdoors.

But if you happen to live in a place in which consistent sun is hard to come by – even in the summer – you might want to get your hands on Aldi’s bargain fire pit which doubles up as a barbecue.

fire pits that doubles up as barbecue Credit: Aldi

This is how Aldi themselves describe the versatile fire pit:

“This Fire Pit with faux stone surround will add sophistication to any outside space. Keep warm on chilly summer evenings and impress friends by converting the Outside Fire Pit into a handy cooking grill.”

With this innovative device, having to go back indoors when the sun goes down should no longer be necessary.

fire pits that doubles up as barbecue Credit: Aldi

Dubbed the Garden Fire Pit Faux Stone Exterior, the modernised barbecue stand is affordable, costing a mere £49.99. If you’re keen to get your hands on one, it’s probably best to hurry before they sell out.

Or if this gadget isn’t quite your cup of tea, perhaps you might be interested in another of Aldi’s garden-centric items: the Gardenline Outdoor Log Burner.

Gardenline Outdoor Log Burner Credit: Aldi

It’s sold out online but is available in stores from today.

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