Aldi is selling boozy mojito sausages for the perfect BBQ this summer

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

There are two superiorly great things to do during the hot and humid summer months: barbecuing and grilling. There’s nothing better than quenching your thirst with a little ice-cold tipple while simultaneously grilling some large and juicy slabs of beef or pork. In fact, my mouth is watering just thinking about it right now.

Now, Aldi has managed to make your summer food and drink experience even better by combining meat and booze into one delicious package. Yes, Aldi is now selling a range of boozy mojito-infused sausages for the summer. It may sound too good to be true (or a little insane), but apparently, it’s really delicious!

These really do bring a new meaning to the name “cocktail sausages”

Mojito Sausages Credit: Aldi

Aldi’s Specially Selected Mojito Pork Sausage can be bought in six-packs for the low price of just £1.89 ($2.11), and those lucky customers who have managed to pick some up for themselves can expect to sample a delicious blend of British pork and smoked bacon mixed with a white punchy rum, mint, red chilli, lime zest, and spices to deliver that perfect kick this summer.

These are best enjoyed serves in a hotdog bun, and washed down with an actual mojito.

If you love sausages, you’ll love this giant sausage and egg McMuffin:

Oh, and if you’re wondering if people who are too young to drink will have to miss out in this tasty treat, then don’t. The sausages only have an alcohol content of two per cent, so you can buy them without the need to flash your ID.

Sounds interesting, right? The mojito sausage fusion will go on sale 4 July. But customers will have to be quick and snap them up before they fly off the shelves.

But this isn’t the only thing the supermarket chain is preparing in time for the massive coming heatwave. They’ve also announced that they’ll be bringing back their fantastic Wagyu beef burgers, as well as their Ghost Chilli Burgers and Big Daddy Streak. Guys, if I were you, I’d buy myself some charcoal and get grilling ASAP.

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