Aldi is selling cheese-stuffed sausages that are perfect for the barbecue

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Discerning shoppers know that Aldi and novelty food items are a match made in heaven. If you time your shopping trip right, you could walk straight into a store packed with giant tomahawk steaks, discount meat and limited edition fire pits, arming yourself with enough unusual ingredients to last a lifetime. For the impulsive amateur chef, it’s like having all your Christmases have come at once. 

Proving that they are still the kings when it comes to odd yet awesome food inventions, the German-based budget supermarket have come up with yet another ingredient that you never knew you needed, yet now have to try. Just in time for the height of British summer, Aldi have unveiled their new cheese-stuffed sausages, simultaneously proving that, even with the growing trend towards plant-based alternatives, there are few things more mouthwatering than meat and cheese.

Hitting shelves from the 15th of August, the new product will come in a pack of six sausages and will feature premium pork mince and tangy Red Leicester cheese. Retailing for just £1.89, they will only set shoppers back around 30p per sausage, making them at the very least a cheap mistake, and at most an absolute steal. 

While the cheese-stuffed sausages might end up stealing the supermarket’s summer headlines, they aren’t the only exciting thing on Aldi’s agenda. The Mirror report that they are set to be joined by three other limited edition meats next week: Salt & Chili Belly Slices (£2.79), Louisiana Pork Riblets (£1.89) and 28-Day thick Cut Sirloin Steak (£3.99). Now there’s no excuse not to strap on an apron, dust off the barbie and get grilling.