Aldi is selling Pink Gin ice lollies just in time for summer

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Summer is just around the corner and we’re all dreaming of those long, hot evenings sitting in our gardens with a BBQ on the go and a drink in our hands.

But what if we told you life could get even better?

It hardly seems likely – but cocktail fans will be thrilled to hear that Aldi has made the impossible possible. The budget supermarket has bought back its delicious alcoholic ice lollies for summer 2019 – and there are some tasty new flavours on offer!

Aldi alcoholic lollies Credit: Aldi

The classic Gin and Tonic lolly, first launched in 2017, is back with a vengeance, along with new Pink Gin flavour. Not to mention, a Passion Fruit lolly that reports have compared to a Pornstar Martini is officially in play.

While buying a cocktail in a bar will launch a sizeable hit on your bank balance, Aldi is selling a pack of four of the boozy sweet treats for £2.99 – in other words, just 75p per lolly!

You also may be happy to hear that you can have as many of guaranteed customer favourite as you want, guilt-free, as that they carry minimal calories. The Gin & Tonic flavour has just 55 calories, while the Pink Gin has 79 and the Passion Fruit 80.

Aldi alcoholic lollies Credit: Aldi

The lollies are available in all stores nationwide and you can use Aldi’s store locator tool to scope out your nearest branch. It likely goes without saying, but as the product is alcoholic, you will need to provide proof that you’re of drinking age to buy them.

The German family-owned supermarket’s Gin and Tonic, Pink Gin and Passion Fruit Gin infused ice lollies are all 4.5 per cent ABV – similar to most beers and ciders, although less than a standard gin which is more than 37.5 per cent.

Aldi alcoholic lollies Credit: Aldi

So, are you ready to live out your summer dream, cocktail lolly in hand? We sure are!