All you can eat KFC is officially a thing in Japan and people are seriously excited

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

For as long as people have enjoyed buffets, they’ve also been fantasising about what would make the best all you can eat feast.

Classics like the local Chinese or the legendary Pizza Hut lunch will remain at the top of the pile for many people. For others, however, the dream of upgrading and expanding your options remains a permanent source of entertainment.

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Most of us assume that never-ending McDonald’s or bottomless Domino’s will always be out of reach. However, thanks to one enterprising franchise, we now know that an endless supply of iconic fast food doesn’t have to be a pipedream.

If you can make it to Japan, you can now officially get all you can eat KFC. This is not a drill.

All you can eat KFC Japan All you can eat KFC is available in Japan (Credit: Alamy/Yau Ming Low)

All you can eat KFC

Since 2019, the famous fried chicken brand has rolled out several all you can eat franchises across Tokyo and Osaka.

While the rest of the world has to settle for bargain buckets and popcorn chicken on the side, Japanese customers can contentedly munch to their hearts’ content. As if there weren’t already enough reasons to be jealous of Japan’s dining scene.

The restaurants themselves offer a seriously expanded version of the KFC menu. No less than 50 items are available, including exclusive seafood and pasta selections.

It is, however, the endless fried chicken that steals the show. Every piece is made to the Colonel’s exacting standards, and the whole meal even comes with the option of booze on the side.

The entire experience is strictly curated, with table slots allocated for just 80 minutes. In that time, however, customers can help themselves to whatever they fancy.

Prices differ between the lunch and dinner service, with an earlier slot costing ¥1,980 (around £13) for an adult, increasing to ¥2,580 (£17) in the evening. Either way, for all the chicken and side dishes you can eat, this seems like a pretty decent deal.

KFC chicken The KFC buffet menu includes several special items, other than chicken (Credit: Alamy/Cum Okolo)

“Dreams come true”

Although the restaurant has actually been open for several years, it’s only recently gained traction overseas. It might have been a slow burner, but there’s no doubt the people are fully on board.

Many people have taken to Twitter in the last few days to express their excitement over the restaurant. As one user wrote, “dreams come true”.

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Another added, “I wish(ed) they would open one in the usa (sic)”.

For the time being, it looks like Japan is the only country where all you can eat KFC is on the menu. However, given the international enthusiasm for the idea, we can all keep our fingers cross that other countries won’t be far behind.