Amazon is selling a peanut butter maker so you can have it on tap

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Peanut butter is one of those foods where once you’ve had it, you end up wanting it on everything. Peel back the curtain in front of the food industry, and you’ll struggle to find a snack that hasn’t at some point been paired with the iconic condiment. This is for good reason. There aren’t many ingredients that work just as well in a sandwich as they do in a smoothie. 

Even though it’s readily available almost anywhere, a sense of financial responsibility has a habit of limiting our domestic peanut butter-based creativity. Almost any fan would happily sample a Shake Shack peanut butter burger, or a commercial peanut butter and jelly toastie, but there’s something about using your own supply for mad scientist-style experiments that just feels wrong. Why risk abject failure, when you could just enjoy something safe and delicious? Thankfully, our fears over wasting limited peanut butter resources are about to be assuaged.

Currently retailing on Amazon, the Smart NBM400 Peanut Butter Maker is about to change the game for frugal peanut fans everywhere. Taking the hassle out of nut butter manufacture, the NBM400 allows anyone to make an almost unlimited supply of gloriously gooey peanut spread in the comfort of your own home with just a few ingredients by automating the entire process. Now, there is no excuse to not slather peanut butter on absolutely everything. 

According to the official product description, “Now you can make delicious, natural peanut butter at home anytime. The Peanut Butter Maker makes it fast and easy to whip up a variety of nut butters. Simply pour your favourite shelled and chopped nuts into the nut bin, turn the unit on, add oil and out comes fresh nut butter! Homemade peanut and other nut butters are healthier and taste better than store-bought. You can enjoy your freshly made nut butters plain, or add sweeteners and spices like honey, chocolate, sugar, cinnamon, salt and more.” Each package comes complete with an NBM400 gadget and an instruction booklet, making set up simple.

As frequent purchasers of novelty cookware will know, sometimes the promise of a new toy outweighs the reality. However, in this case, it looks like the NBM400 delivers the goods. Users have variously described the machine as a “great gadget” and a “fantastic piece of kit!” That it’s currently retailing for under £50 is just an added incentive.

On the other hand, it’s worth noting that not everyone was over the moon, with one disgruntled reviewer writing, “Very noisy, not very efficient. The machine constantly overheated and shut down, meaning that it took all morning just for a small jar of butter. We gave up on it when smoke poured out of the side and the peanut butter tasted of burned metal. I would not recommend this machine.” Maybe we shouldn’t totally give up on the global peanut butter industry just yet.