Athlete banned from all you can eat sushi restaurant for eating all he could

17 Sep 2018



Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

An all you can eat offer can be a dangerous thing. For restaurants eager to make some extra cash, they can prove the perfect lure for greedy passers by. Simply stock up on cheap supplies, serve, and watch the cash roll in. But, every once in a while, the plan can come spectacularly unstuck.

Sashimi buffet Credit: Pixabay

A German sushi restaurant discovered this to their cost this week when they unveiled their own unlimited promotion. Running Sushi, located in the Bavarian city of Landshut, advertised a new initiative, where diners could eat all the raw fish and rice that they liked for a mere €15.90. Despite being an established local business, it was clearly hoped that the new incentive would tempt a wider customer base into trying traditional Japanese cooking. If anything, the plan worked too well.

One of the first to spot the new offer was regular restaurant patron Jaroslav Bobrowski. An ex-bodybuilder turned iron-man triathlete, Bobrowski is committed to a diet rich in protein-heavy, healthy foods such as sushi. For a hungry fitness fanatic, the new offer was like Christmas coming early.

Over the course of a single evening, Bobrowski managed to consume an astonishing 100 plates of sushi, pausing only to take occasional swigs of green tea. A glance at photographic evidence from the Running Sushi menu reveals that each plate contains between one and three pieces of sushi, meaning that the athlete could have packed away as many as 300 individual pieces. Even for the most enthusiastic sushi fan, that is a lot of fish.

The achievement is all the more remarkable, given that Bobrowski follows a highly unusual, theoretically stomach-shrinking diet. As part of his presumably formidable training regime, the iron-man fasts for 20 hours every day, consuming all of his calories in one final four-hour binge. This certainly explains why he would have such an alarming appetite, even if this approach to food should technically mean that you are unable to eat as much in a single sitting.

Bobrowski could have been forgiven for thinking that he had found the ideal local eating spot. Unfortunately for him, Running Sushi failed to see the funny side. Despite his status as a regular dinner guest, the restaurant labelled his consumption of five-people’s worth of food as, “not normal” and promptly banned him from entering the premises again. Things had, quite clearly, not gone according to plan.

Sushi on a board Credit: Pixabay

Though it might look like Running Sushi had taken a stand against gluttony, their motives may actually have been a whole lot more cynical. When running an all you can eat promotion, it was revealed that the restaurant actually makes more money from customers buying booze than eating the food. This means that it may actually have been Bobrowski’s decision to drink only green tea, rather than his enormous appetite, that ended up costing him his seat at the table.

Despite the controversy surrounding his expulsion, Bobrowski was apparently determined to win back favour with the restaurant owners. With a television crew in tow, he turned up to Running Sushi in order to make an apology in front of the nation. There has been no word on whether or not it has been accepted. Whatever the outcome, the story serves a stern warning to both restaurants and diners – all you can eat offers can be more complicated than they seem.


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