Ben and Jerry’s announce that they are finally going to sell bags of their cookie dough

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream is easily one of the best things about eating dessert. It’s the ultimate treasure hunt of a pudding, with each spoonful rich with the equally plausible possibilities of boring, plain vanilla or something stodgy, salty, sweet and indescribably delicious. It’s lucky dip, in a bowl. Mouthfuls don’t get much more exciting.

Though the rest of the tub was obviously fine, the only reason anyone has ever bought Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream is for the headliner. No one has ever taken a bite expecting vanilla and been disappointed to unearth a brown, sugary nugget. Given the reality of what people have really been in the game for, it’s always been slightly surprising that Ben and Jerry’s haven’t been more determined to make something that caters exclusively to the cookie crowd. Thankfully, those days are finally over.

In late 2018, the legendary ice cream makers made headlines when they announced plans to start selling bags of cookie dough in select locations around their native Vermont. Exciting though the news undoubtedly was, fans were forced to wait and see whether they could expect to enjoy a full-blown national rollout. They didn’t have to wait long for an answer. As of this week, Ben and Jerry’s have confirmed that their “Just the Dough” product is being made available around America.

The product itself is served in a 1/2 pound bag containing 8 servings of the chunks, described as “the exact same dough” as is in the ice cream, according to Ben and Jerry’s description. In a statement released to commemorate the original launch,  Ben & Jerry’s Innovation Manager Jody Eley said that, “Fans have been asking for ‘just the chunks’ for a while now,” adding, “If it does well, it may be available online and in other distribution channels later this year.” Clearly, demand wasn’t an issue.

For the original Vermont release, the business offered customers two different types of cookie dough flavour, providing both chocolate chip and peanut butter varieties, each of which sounds delicious. However, excitingly for both vegan and lactose intolerant cookie lovers, Ben and Jerry’s have revealed that the nationwide launch comes complete with a third, dairy-free dough option, expanding the product’s appeal even wider.

Even more encouragingly for longtime fans of cookie dough, Ben and Jerry’s have made no mention of the bite-sized bits being part of a limited time offer, suggesting that they may well be on the menu for a while. Though the obvious serving suggestion is to grab a handful straight from the bag, others have pointed out that the new cookie bites could make for an ideal topping to other ice cream flavours. Either way, the arrival of “Just the Dough” promises that the next few months could be an exciting time for dessert fans everywhere.