Brides are now carrying pizza down the aisle instead of flower bouquets

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Weddings are full of magical moments. The stilted exchange of vows that sounded much better on paper. The glare of ferociously protective and patriarchal father-in-laws. The awkwardly obvious sexual chemistry between bridesmaid and best man. All of these combine to deliver a day that lives long in the memory for all involved.

But, for all the nuptial essentials, there is one tradition that can easily transform matrimony into a bloodbath. The frantic scrap for a new bride’s bouquet can turn friend against friend, split families in two and paint a wedding reception red.

Given what’s at stake in an ordinary bouquet hurl, the madness might seem tricky get your head around. At the end of the day, it’s just a bunch of increasingly tired looking and soon to be blood-soaked flowers. But, in order to give everyone something worth fighting for, there is one American company who have seen fit to up the stakes still further. In a bid to get the entire wedding party scrapping, Villa Italian Kitchen have started to make bouquets out of pizza.

It might not be immediately obvious how a pizza and a bunch of flowers can be combined. The sight of a bride carrying a giant, sauce-covered disk of dough would seem to be incredibly distracting at the very least. Nonetheless, the New York based fast food franchise are determined that pie fans be given their chance to fight over the happy couple’s leftovers.

Rather than creating a traditional wedding-themed pizza, Villa Italian Kitchen have decided to branch out into sculpture. Staple ingredients, including dough, cheese and tomato sauce, have been shaped to resemble a bunch of flowers, with petals of pepperoni and stigmas fashioned from ruby red tomatoes. The whole bunch is held in much the same way as an ordinary bouquet, though presumably takes more effort to chuck through the air.

Particular care and attention has been given the ingredients that make up the novel bunch. 100% whole-milk mozzarella and vine-ripened California tomatoes are given centre stage alongside other fantastic seasonal produce. The restaurant have even created a personal-sized boutonniere for the groom’s lapel, ensuring that no one misses out on the saucey fun.

Unfortunately for soon to be wed fast food fanatics, it’s not just a matter of calling the restaurant and waiting for the big day. The limited edition pizza themed bouquets we only made available to a select few competition winners, chosen at random by the powers that be at Villa Italian Kitchen. In order to get your hands on the dough, you will need to give your name, email and wedding details to the restaurant, before waiting to discover if you are one of the chosen few. Understandably, this is a delivery like no other.

The competition is only set to be open for a limited time, so time is of the essence. Only couples set to be married between now and the 15th of June stand any chance of giving their guests the flower fight of a lifetime. It may not be traditional, but it seems fair to say that this could be the biggest thing to happen to weddings since Harry and Meghan.