British pubs are serving lasagna stuffed between two whole pizzas

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

As the creators of monstrosities including but not limited to The Pizzadilla, The Pasta-Stuffed Parm Bowl and The Giant Cordon Bleu Lasagna Roll, we at Twisted know a thing or two about ruining Italian tradition. Though these dishes are definitely delicious, we understand why someone yearning for the simple pleasures of a cacio e pepe would rather die than eat one. 

Perhaps this is why we are in a unique position to embrace the hideous beauty of the latest spawn from the Hungry Horse kitchen. A nightmarish graft of two Italian classics, the new Lasagna-In-A-Pizza is exactly what it says on the tin. Picture the deepest fears of Massimo Bottura and Giada de Laurentiis on one gargantuan plate. Like London’s Barbican Centre, its ugliness is only surpassed by its awesomeness. We’re just annoyed we didn’t think of it first.

Created as part of Hungry Horse’s new Spring and Summer menu, the dish is every bit as uncomplicated as it sounds. A portion of the chain’s signature beef lasagna is served sandwiched inside two whole Margherita pizzas, with a side of crispy French fries and a bowl of tomato-based Napolitana dip. Naples is already fuming. 

Check out our recipe for 20 Layer Deep Fried Lasagna:

In a press release heralding the new arrival, Jason Radbourn, senior food development manager at Hungry Horse, said:

“We know one of the greatest dilemmas when eating out is deciding what to choose from the menu. So with that in mind, we’ve combined two of our favourite dishes to create the ultimate Italian main meal.

“We’re not shy when it comes to experimenting with food innovation and always try to create a real showstopper on each of our new menus. We hope our customers are as excited as we are to try our tasty new offering.”

Incredibly, the giant pasta-pizza sandwich may not even be the most outrageous thing on the updated Hungry Horse menu. If offending Italy isn’t on your priority list, you can take a trip to Central America with the new Fajita Burger – an ordinary beef patty, topped with “fajita spiced peppers, spicy battered chicken fingers and lashings of sour cream, mayo and guacamole.”

Say what you will about lasagna and pizza on the same plate, but Hungry Horse clearly aren’t afraid to push the boat out. I think we may have found our new best friends.