Burger King and Wendy’s troll Jack in the Box after Kim Kardashian tweet

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Fast food Twitter has sprung into action this week after a well known chain became the target of a complaint made by lionised celebrity Kim Kardashian-West. The world was left speculating after the pop-culture personality called out Jack-in-the-Box, citing a mysterious complaint that she did not wish to make public. Amid frantic guessing from fans, rival food brands were quick to make the most of an unexpected opportunity for mischief making.

The controversy started when Kardashian cryptically posted, “Hey, Jack In The Box I have a serious complaint but I won’t fully put you on blast, check your corporate email inbox or send me a DM with direct person for my team to contact. Pronto!” on Monday afternoon. This was soon followed by a response from the chain’s official account, where they wrote, “Hi Kim, we are unable to DM you. Please send us a DM with how we can get in touch with your team & someone will reach out immediately.”

For several days, no one was any the wiser as to the reason for the disagreement. While Kardashian confirmed that the complaint was “not about me or a wrong order. Nobody recognized me and it’s something that I observed that affected other customers at this particular location that was concerning,” it remained unclear what had prompted her to reach out in the first place. This confusion, however, did not stop other businesses from having their say.

Within hours of the original tweet, a series of big names had jumped on the bandwagon, all apparently determined to kick Jack in the Box while they were down. Burger King sarcastically tweeted, “Jack In The Box to the principal’s office”, while Hooters declared it “Not a good day to be Jack.”

While responses rained in from across the fast food industry, perhaps the most savage reaction came from Wendy’s. Rather than just laugh at Jack in the Box’s unfortunate internet humiliation, they decided to take things even further, asking the question, “but like, who even goes there?” to general mirth from everyone on Twitter.

Anyone who knows anything about the Wendy’s brand knows that they have form in this area. The business has become infamous for its savage put downs and critiques of rival companies having taken on everyone from McDonald’s to Burger King over the years. While some might argue that they’re tempting fate by being so provocative, there doesn’t seem to be any likelihood of Wendy’s stopping their strategy any time soon.