Burger King are giving away a year’s supply of chicken fries for Christmas

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

This winter, Burger King have decided to bring their chickens home to roost in the best way possible. Even though every Christmas brings with it a smorgasbord of big brands desperately trying anything and everything to flog you stuff, the fast food franchise might just have taken things to an all new level. For Burger King, December sales are so 2017. They’ve decided to cut to the chase and give the people what they want: unlimited chicken.

As part of their brand new 12 Days of Cheesemas promotion, which ironically has next to nothing to do with cheese, the business will be offering one lucky winner the chance to win an entire year’s supply of the chain’s signature chicken fries. The offer allows anyone who buys a Burger King between the 12th and 24th of December the opportunity to enter the prize draw, potentially rewarding themselves with an ungodly amount of poultry.

Obviously, the prospect of all the chicken fingers you could ever want to eat will be enough to send many people sprinting towards their nearest Burger King outlet. But the 12 Days of Cheesemas is actually about a whole lot more than unnaturally shaped, reconstituted chicken parts. Throughout the promotion, the public will be given to chance to win a selection of prizes from across the menu, as well as some top-ticket items that will only be made available to a select few.

Also on offer are a weirdly precise 8,004 instant win prizes, which include everything from the aforementioned chicken, to a trip to Bermuda, a Jeep SUV, a $500 airline voucher, a 43-inch TV and an HP Chromebook plus much much more. Obviously, the chances of snaring one of the top ticket items is fairly slim, which means that dedicated players are going to have to commit to a week-long Whopper diet in the run up to Christmas Day.

In addition to slightly-more-than-8,000 instant prizes, Burger King customers will also have the chance to win something from a further list of 23,000 1¢ menu items. These include 4,300 Medium Onion Rings, 4,300 Medium French Fries, 3,500 Cheeseburgers, 3,200 10 pc. Chicken Nuggets and 1,200 Whoppers. At least that fast food diet could be slightly more affordable.

To make matters even more exciting, every single order also grants you one entry into the grand prize draw, where the winner will pocket a whopping $30,000. Should they ever run another 1¢ promotion in years to come, there’s a chance that that cash could be put towards getting hold of 3,000,000 Burger King nuggets. Money well spent.

Entering the prize draw couldn’t be more straightforward. Orders must be placed through the Burger King app, where entrants will then get a chance to “unwrap” a virtual present and see what prize they may have won. It might not necessarily be the most traditional way to enjoy the run up to Christmas, but there is little doubt that it could be one of the most delicious. Even if you end up prizeless at the end of the promotion, hunting endless chicken fries and $30,000 is a more than worthwhile way to spend the holiday season.