Burger King’s new breakfast sandwiches use French toast as the bun

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

The only thing more satisfying than indulging in a fast food breakfast is having it served stuffed inside French toast. In most cases, this requires some ingenious D.I.Y. Now, however, greedy early birds everywhere can rejoice in the knowledge that one of the world’s leading chains has just cut out the egg-soaked middle man.

After stealing headlines earlier in the year with the release of the “Impossible Whopper”, the kings of the flame grilled franchise are back with three brand new breakfast sandwiches, billed as the ultimate option for anyone who “can’t choose between sweet or savoury.” Customers will now be able to opt for two sweet, cinnamon-coated slices of bread to wrap around a selection of fillings, including egg, sausage, bacon or ham.

For anyone who enjoys being titillated by literary hyperbole, the Burger King website features loving descriptions of each of the new items. Of the Sausage, Egg & Cheese French Toast sandwich, the company write, “Savoury seasoned sausage, fluffy eggs, and creamy American cheese are layered carefully between two sweet, golden brown, and piping hot French Toast slices.” With a calorie count of 510 per sandwich, it sounds like it walks the walk while talking the talk. Needless to say, the other two are descriptions are equally OTT.

The new promotion is being publicised via a video internet campaign, where members of the public were asked to decide whether they would rather live in a world without sweet or savoury. The participants are then informed that they “can have both”, before being presented with one of the new breakfast sandwiches. On camera reviews included declarations that the items are “the bomb” and “perfect”.

While the new options certainly mark a change of tack for Burger King, it certainly isn’t the first time that the fast food industry has plumped for French toast. Many online critics have compared the sandwiches to McDonald’s legendary McGriddles, with one comment under Burger King’s official YouTube video stating, “Only at BK. Unless you call it a McGriddle, then it’s also at McDonalds…for the last TWENTY years. But yeah, new at BK, you twits.” Time will tell whether the similarities are only skin deep.