Burger King’s new “Ghost Whopper” comes inside a cheddar cheese-flavoured bun

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

After more than six decades of near-incessant advertising, you might think that Burger King is running out of ways to promote its most iconic sandwich. However, the famous flame-grilled franchise has proved that there is life in the Whopper yet, with the release of a scary meal deal fit for any fast food Halloween feast. Who says that the days of delicious burgers are dead?


New for 2019, the Ghost Whopper is about as unorthodox as it’s possible for a legendary sandwich to be. Not that you’d tell by looking at the ingredients list. The sandwich retains its famous forebear’s key elements, including flame-cooked pattie, tomatoes, onion, lettuce, pickles, ketchup and mayo. 


The main point of difference is actually in the bun, where the original’s plain sesame seeded-bun has been replaced with a white, cheddar cheese-infused bap, adding a sharp, salty depth to an already indulgent dish. 

However, it isn’t just the enticing ingredients that mark the Ghost Whopper as something special. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the burger is that it has been created with assistance from the afterlife. 


In an appropriately Halloweeny move, Burger King decided to team up with “psychic medium and trance channel” Riz Mirza in order to establish whether their new menu item would appeal to both the living and the dead. In a video promoted across their social media channels, the brand invited members of the public to take part in a “spirit taste test”. The results were fascinating. 


During the experiment, Mirza left his body, allowing it to be possessed by a series of spirits who passed judgment on the dish. While one declared the burger to be “filth”, before throwing it across the room, other paranormal entities appeared to give it a haunted thumbs up. Coupled with appreciative expressions from slightly baffled members of the public, it looks like the clip could spell a successful launch for the Ghost Whopper. The sandwich drops at select locations on October 24th.