Cadbury announce that they’re adding two new chocolates to their “Heroes” line up

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Like “legend”,  “iconic” and “GOAT”, “hero” is one of those words that’s prone to hyperbole. For every firefighter and humanitarian worker that earns the title, there’s an undeserving celebrity whose achievements, in context, don’t usually add up to much. This means that when most of us hear about a new hero, it tends not to make much of an impact. Unless, that is, said hero is supplied by Cadbury.

For 20 years, holidays around the world have been made that much more memorable thanks to the unmistakable purple monolith that is the Cadbury’s Heroes box. First released in 1999, the sweet selection’s two decades at the top of global snacking have won it fans everywhere from Scotland to New South Wales. In the UK, the classic line up of Fudge, Dairy Milk Caramel, Dairy Milk, Wispa, Twirl, Eclair and Creme Egg Twisted has helped stop more family arguments than a lifetime of therapy ever could. Sometimes, we all need a real hero.

Given the chocolate box’s seminal place in confectionary pop-culture, it’s understandable that any proposed change to the roster could cause quite a commotion. For 20 years, Cadbury kept their selection fairly consistent. However, new for 2019, in order to celebrate the item’s two decades of chocolatey dominance, the British-based cocoa giants have decided that it is time to shake things up. As a result, their tiny chocolate all-stars are about to be joined by two new recruits.

In April this year, the Heroes squad will be supplemented with the addition of “Dinky Deckers” and “Crunchie Bits” – miniature riffs on the brand’s successful “Double Decker” and “Crunchie Bars”. The new chocolates offer a mixture of soft nougat and crunchy cereal from the Decker, coupled with brittle honeycomb from the Crunchie. In a speech accompanying news of the release, a Cadbury spokesperson revealed that “No flavours will be removed from the existing Cadbury Heroes offering, providing a more even spread across all of the variants, making this a perfect selection for sharing with friends and family.”

Long-time admirers of the selection box will be well aware that this new announcement is not entirely unexpected. Until a decade ago, Crunchie bars did in fact feature heavily in the Heroes box, until they were unceremoniously evicted, along with the miniscule version of the Dreams bar. Though there have been calls from die hard fans ever since to restore Crunchie’s rightful status alongside the other superstars of the Cadbury kitchen, this is the first time that the advice has been heeded. It will no doubt come as a relief to previously bereft chocolate fans.

The new chocolates will make their bow in April this year, perfectly coinciding with the perennially chocolate-obsessed run up to Easter. Whether this means that Heroes are finally able to successfully take on eternal adversaries Mars’ Celebrations remains to be seen. They’ve definitely given themselves a great opportunity.