Cheese-stuffed pigs in blankets are the food trend for Christmas 2019

20 Dec 2019



Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Generally speaking, Christmas isn’t a time to be trendy. Given that a lot of our festive food has been unchanged for hundreds of years, the idea of radically updating the menu understandably makes many people extremely angry. However, so long as you don’t do anything too outrageous, there’s still room for expression. 

One of the dishes that is almost impossible to improve is the traditional pig in a blanket. Wrapping one type of pork in another type of pork is, obviously, perfect. But, just because we’ve already reached the piggy pinnacle doesn’t mean that you stop playing the game. There are plenty of other tasty things that need their own edible duvet. 

Perhaps this is the reason that 2019 has been the year of cheese-stuffed pigs in blankets. As adventurous Christmas shoppers will tell you, bacon-wrapped cheese bits have been on the menu for ages, but it seems like this year has seen the sub-category gain real traction. 

For instance, this month has seen British supermarket Morrisons tempt shoppers with their brand new Red Leicester-stuffed sausages, wrapped in dry-cured, smoked streaky bacon. At £3 for a pack of 10, to call them drool-worthy is an understatement. 

Check out our awesome recipe for Corndog Pigs In Blankets:

However, as delicious as Morrisons’ sausages sound, they’re far from the only cheesy treats on offer. Highstreet rivals Aldi have also attempted to woo dairy lovers with their own halloumi-stuffed blankets, which cost just £2.49 for a pack. 

Going back even further, the German-based store also released a series of cheese-stuffed sausages over the summer – originally designed for the barbecue, but just as at home on the Christmas table. Everywhere you look, it seems, there is a cheesy way to enjoy everyone’s favourite sausage side dish. 

As we said, putting cheese inside pork is a time-honoured tradition. However, if you’ve been waiting for cheesy pigs in blankets to be fully accepted by the mainstream, it looks like 2019 is going to be your year. With so many options on the dinner table, there’s no excuse not to load up on something gooey.


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