Chocolate orange flavour gin is now on sale on Amazon

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

The Boutique-y Gin Company have released their own chocolate orange-flavoured gin to add a little zest to your alcohol, and it’s on sale to boot. If you head over to Amazon, you’ll find it on offer – priced at just £21.95 ($27.93)!

Given that a gin and tonic is my favourite drink, and orange is my favourite flavour of chocolate… I’m pretty psyched about this news. And even if you’re not quite as passionate as I am, it’s hard to pass up a mixture like this, even out of curiosity.

This looks like an even better deal when you realise it’s original pricing is at £33.95 ($43.19). That’s a 35 per cent discount, making it more than worth a try- as long as you get in there in time, anyway. Stocks on Amazon are running a little low at the time of writing, so it may be best to get your order in earlier, rather than later.

Credit: Amazon / That Boutique Gin Company

Saying that, it is also available on Master of Malt, where it’s selling for £29.95 ($38.11) – not as cheap, but certainly still a discount from the RRP. On top of all of that… it’s sugar-free too!

Here’s the official description of the alcohol concoction:

“It combines the richness of chocolate, the refreshing qualities of oranges and the deliciousness of gin to form something terrific – Chocolate Orange Gin! Bitter orange peels and roast cacao nibs get all up in the mix during distillation, alongside some traditional gin botanicals, lending the spirit distinctive notes that’ll be familiar to lovers of the classic confectionery.”

And if you’re wondering what it would taste and smell like, Master of Malt describe it as like “chocolate cake made with orange essence in the batter”.

The taste is described as “fresh clementine and enjoyably bitter cacao intermingle at the core, while floral elements bring lightness to the mixture”.

Sounds pretty good to me!

This article originally appeared on vt.co