‘Chocolate Popcorn’ M&M’s have been spotted in stores

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Now that we’re spending an excessive amount of time stuck on the sofa scrolling through Netflix, we can all afford to pay extra attention to our snack game. Given that our social lives have all collapsed in a Covid-induced heap, settling for substandard movie-night treats is just not an option. We all deserve something delicious. 

To answer our snacking prayers, everyone’s favourite colourful, bite-sized candy has come up with an exciting new flavour. Rolling several of the cinema’s most exciting treats into one, M&M’s has released sharing bags of “Chocolate Popcorn” treats – coated in milk chocolate and filled with a crispy rice centre. We’ll take 10. 

Even though the new Chocolate Popcorn doesn’t actually feature any actual popcorn, the treats still sound like they will deliver the airy crunchy that cinema-goers know and love. The packets also feature extensive NFL branding, suggesting that the snack has been designed with Game Day in mind. 

Whether or not you’re particularly interested in sport, news of the new release seems to have got plenty of snack fans excited about the upcoming season. After a photo of the M&M’s appeared on Instagram, several social media users revealed just how thrilled they were, with several crediting the original poster for what they described as an “epic find”. 

When asked by their followers whether or not they’d actually tried the treats for themselves, original poster @foodiewiththebeasts said:

“…did and loved them! I did and didn’t think they sucked, but didn’t think they tasted a whole lot like popcorn.”

Looks like we’ll just have to try them for ourselves to see if they live up to their billing.