Cool Whip release new flavour and you’ll be eating it straight out the tub

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Cool Whip is the ingredient that makes so many tasty treats – from pies to cakes to simply being used as a dip itself.

Now, the frozen product we’ve come to know and love has a new flavour, and it’s one of our favourite things: birthday cake. A treat usually reserved for you or a loved one’s special day. Now you can eat it by the spoonful.

… Or the bowl. We ain’t judgin’.

The tub of Cool Whip's new flavor. Credit: Instagram / @THEJUNKGOAT

Like any good birthday cake, the new flavour of the frozen treat comes with rainbow sprinkles already mixed in.

While the official release date of the new flavour has not been confirmed by Kraft Heinz, a number of Instagram accounts have posted pictures of the product, so maybe you’ll get lucky and find it in your local store.

Cool Whip's new birthday cake flavor. Credit: Instagram / @THEJUNKGOAT

It’s even had an Insta-review and been described as 10/10 and “not lacking in flavor“.

Because why not live every day like it’s your birthday? Especially during the summer months, when frozen treats are a literal Godsend.

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